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Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (iBme) offers innovative formats and teaching frameworks. Our mindfulness practices help deep listening skills, self-awareness, and communication, essential competencies for success in all areas of life.

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Master the basics of mindfulness for teens with this Insight Timer course designed by iBme’s Executive Director Jessica Morey. Learn the basics of mindfulness to help deal with common tensions of being a teenager, and in the process help to support iBme!

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Mindfulness, ADHD & Resilience: An Interview with Dr. Mark Bertin

Resilience has been a topic of focus, research, and discussion in the fields of education and mindfulness for several years. The capacity to recover from […]

All You Need to Do Is Press Play: 3 Go-to Meditations for Getting Back to Your Practice

We want to practice regularly. But our minds are tricky and can lure us away from the very thing we want most, telling us we […]

Letting Go of Being Someone: Pearls of Wisdom from Chris McKenna

There needs to be time in a 24-hour cycle where the sense of having to be someone can be let go.  —Chris McKenna on meditation […]

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Due to the generosity of our donors, no teen has ever been turned away for lack of funds. Help us to continue to making the gift of retreat possible.

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