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Learn awareness, compassion, and concentration practices on a residential retreat

Develop mindful awareness, compassion, and concentration practices with others ages 18-32

Develop mindfulness skills to support your parenting, teaching, or work with youth

Bring mindfulness training to your high school, college, or university

A Year-long Immersion and Certification in Teaching Mindfulness to Adolescents

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"It’s hard to imagine a more healing and enriching experience than what iBme offers to teens during their residential retreats. The combo of meditation, group sharing, outdoor fun- all in a safe, loving container- is the recipe for transformational magic."

Tara Brach
PhD and Founder of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington

"My son (14) and my nephew (17) came back from their first meditation retreat changed young men. I am so impressed with the depth, accessibility, and integrity of the retreat program, as well as by the skill and compassion of the facilitators. Our family enthusiastically endorses the iBme programming. We’ll be back."

Leslie, Parent

"At a time when the need for teen leadership development has never been greater, I cannot think of a better training for teens interested in learning the internal arts of listening deeply, managing strong emotions, and being authentic. In my 40 years in education, I’ve never seen a more well-organized curriculum or skillful faculty."

John Braman
President, Braman Group International

"It helped me let go of unnecessary stress and focus on what’s important. My grades improved and I am doing more things that I am passionate about."


"Our son has taken three iBme retreats and at each retreat, he found other kids as well as iBme counselors he could truly connect with and learn from in the deepest and most meaningful of ways. We are so grateful for the kind and compassionate iBme staff, who walk their talk and embody mindfulness in their words and actions. The teachers and mentors model how to communicate in wise, kind and respectful ways. We are so happy our son has learned how to meditate and practice mindfulness in everyday life. This is a lifelong gift he has been given and can take with him wherever he goes."

"I picked my son up from the airport last night and got to hear all about his retreat experiences. He was fairly glowing and said that he learned more in 5 days than he had in the rest of his lifetime. He seems truly grateful for all the sharing, activities, teaching, learning and just being. What a gift to be in such a wholesome environment with a supportive community, removed from the myriad distractions of living day to day and allowed to journey within."

Kate, Parent

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