2021 Equity and Interdependence Curriculum

2021 Equity and Interdependence Conversations

Next up: December 21st, 7:00pm ET / 4:00pm PT

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December’s Conversation will be with three members of The Student Immigrant Movement (SIM), the only undocumented youth-led organization in Massachusetts with growing chapters in Greater Boston, New Bedford, Central Mass, and North Shore. Throughout SIM’s existence, we have identified, recruited, and developed immigrant leaders of varying statuses in local cities to improve their communities using strategic and motivational campaigns. SIM has stopped deportations, stopped anti-immigrant amendments from passing, pushed the implementation of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), DREAM Schools, and more. Join us as we talk with Sabrina, Maria, and Karina.


The theme for December is Leading: Youth-led advocacy for undocumented immigrants.

iBme’s Equity and Interdependence Conversations are designed to further institutionalize our commitment to our values. Through this yearlong co-learning program, the whole iBme community is invited to explore and engage with monthly themes of equity and interdependence and apply their experiences and perspectives in a diverse learning environment.

iBme’s ecosystem consists of standing committees, working groups, community stakeholders, and our external world. For more information regarding iBme’s ecosystem and collaborative leadership, please visit our Equity and Interdependence Dashboard.

Dec 21st
Leading: Youth-led Advocacy for Undocumented Immigrants

Nov 30th
Honoring: Native and Indigenous Wisdom and Culture

Oct 20th
Cultivating: Our Practice, Our Actions, & Our Hearts

Sep 29th
Accessing: Disability, Illness, and Deeper Understanding

Aug 25th
Liberating: Including the Non-Human World in Our Vision, Values and Actions

July 28th
Centering: Code Switching

June 30th
Loving: Pride in who we are

May 26th
Empowering: We Belong Here

April 28th
Sustaining: Reimagining the Food System

March 31st
Nurturing: Guiding Young People with Care

February 24th
Remembering: Black History Month

January 27th
Grounding: Setting Intentions

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December 21st, 7pm ET / 4pm PT (90 mins)

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We have now reached a “no turning back” mark in our journey to disperse historically consolidated power within dominant identity groups to a multiculturally-led organization, and to further integrate equity and justice work into the growth of our programs. As we continue on our journey towards a world free of domination and injustice, we commit to leveraging our resources each year to facilitate a safe container for the communities that have often been neglected from the formal mindfulness ecosystem as it is structured today. We commit to doing the difficult work of divesting from racist, patriarchal, and heteronormative modes of access, communication, and decision-making and investing in opportunities that are equitable, grassroots-driven, and liberating.


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