2020 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

What does our community do when the world we know changes so suddenly and dramatically? We hold the hands of people we trust and greet the unknown together.

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iBme Annual Report

Opening Message Excerpt


March 11, 2020. For many of us, this was the day we realized how severe COVID-19 might be. For iBme, it meant our core programs—residential retreats—were in jeopardy. With school closings, the loss of critical support systems, and the cancellation of so many precious milestone experiences for teens and young adults, it also meant that our primary audience would be the heaviest impacted by the pandemic.

We responded quickly, and after five days of prep, we held our first online retreat for 62 teens and young adults. A week later, we held our second retreat for 107 participants. And with that, our online programs were off and running adding up to more than 100 offerings and 2,000 participants.


Please continue reading to learn more about our expanded affinity programs and unique collaborative leadership system. You’ll also find out how many total participants we welcomed to our Zoom calls last year (hint: it’s more people than the number of lakes in Minnesota).

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“Your care, guidance, and how you create sacred space just blows me away every time I am on retreat with y’all. It is a gift to practice and connect with like-minded folks in the midst of such changing and challenging times.”