All You Need to Do Is Press Play: 3 Go-to Meditations for Getting Back to Your Practice

We want to practice regularly. But our minds are tricky and can lure us away from the very thing we want most, telling us we don’t have the time, it’s too hard, we’re not good at it, or that we’ll get back to it at some point.

Whatever your mind is telling you, we’re here to say that it’s worth it to find a way back to practice. To support your commitment, we’ve pulled together three helpful recordings to get you back in action (well, non-action really).

These are most helpful for those with some experience/training with meditation who need a little jumpstart to get going again —and keep going.

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1. Connect Within: Sitting with Dignity
with Jeff Warren

We often let go of practice when too much of our time gets focused outward. Try this simple meditation recording that makes it easy to fit in 15 minutes for inward focus and the enjoyable flow of concentration.


ibme blog post 3 go-to meditations2. Get Curious: Working with Thoughts
with Sara Shapouri

There is a common misconception that in meditation, we try not to have any thoughts at all. What if instead, we took a look at these thoughts of ours.


3. Be Kind: Lovingkindness Meditation 

with Jessica Morey, iBme Executive Director

“A lot of us have a really hard time being kind to ourselves, even loving ourselves, sometimes.”

If practice isn’t happening because life is tough and you’re feeling down, try this beautiful 30-minute guided lovingkindness meditation designed especially for our emotional-relational selves.


Nearly everyone who starts a meditation or other contemplative practice stops and starts in the beginning. It can take some time to establish a regular practice. Be kind, get curious, go within. It will all work out if you decide you want it to.