Climate Resilience & Response Mindfulness Webinar

In this 1-hour Climate Resilience & Response mindfulness webinar, iBme co-founder Jessica Morey guides an honest consideration of the current environmental crisis on our planet and what, if anything, we can do about it.

Concerned about the planet and the creatures we share it with? Don’t know what to do? This webinar presents perspectives and practices based on depth ecologist Joanna Macey’s Work That Reconnects to help show the way.


This Climate Resilience & Response mindfulness webinar, Learning from this Great Pause, was hosted by iBme’s friends at Garrison Institute in the Spring of 2020.

Jessica Morey has been on a mission to save the planet since she was a child. In this webinar, she weaves together presentation, personal examples, guided meditation, and input from the participants to take you through:

  • a reflection on what we can learn from our current crisis to prepare for the future
  • three pathways forward from here as a global community
  • a three-stage “spiral process” for navigating deep change and transformation

With a focus on being present and getting into our bodies, Jessica teaches us in practices we can use in our everyday lives to restore inner balance, allow for truth, and find our next steps forward.

Time codes for Climate Resilience & Response mindfulness webinar

0:00-2:00 – Jessica introduction

6:30 – What are we learning right now and how does it inform the future?

12:50 – Joanna Macey’s three-stage Spiral Process

16:45 – Interconnection and four-element guided meditation

12:37 – Mourning, grief, and caring

41:35 – How do we see with new eyes?

55:10 – Closing


Jessica Morey is a lead teacher and co-founder of Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (iBme). She began practicing meditation at age 14 on teen retreats offered by the Insight Meditation Society. Before joining iBme, Jessica worked in clean energy and climate policy and finance at the World Bank, the Pew Center on Climate Change, and the Clean Energy States Alliance. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Dartmouth and masters degree in Sustainable Development and International Affairs. In 2014, Jessica wrote about the potential of contemplative practice to heal our relationship with the natural world in a Shambhala Sun article.

Jessicaleads courses on climate resilience and response and has recorded a 10-session Master the Basics of Mindfulness for Teens course.