Mindfulness in Parenting Podcast

Need support as a parent? Two moms and iBme mindfulness teachers share insights, stories, and practices on mindfulness in parenting.

Mindfulness in Parenting Charisse and CorinneIn this podcast, Charisse Minerva Spencer and Corinne Coppola clarify what mindfulness is and how they use it in their daily lives, for their own development and to make better choices as a parent— to respond rather than react.

Hosted by iBme friend Sandy Fowler at Mighty Parenting, Mindfulness in Parenting explores:

  • What do we do when we’re in a moment of anger or frustration?
  • How does mindfulness impact communication?
  • Where do we find community and connection as a parent?

Mindfulness in Parenting podcast

NOTE: The podcast begins with a PSA on becoming a blood donor, followed by an intro to iBme. The episode begins at 3:00. At the end, there is a guided meditation that begins at 39:48.

Two go-to practices from the podcast:

  • Wiggle your toes when you feel yourself being triggered or getting angry. Moving the focus out of your chest and down to your feet dissipates some of the anxiety.
  • Peace pauses are a simple practice for mindfulness in parenting. Set an alarm to go off every few hours. When it goes off, take 5-10 deep breaths and simply notice your feet on the floor. If your thoughts are racing, recognize them then focus on the breathing and feet again rather than following the thoughts.

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You can listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or on the Mighty Parenting website.


Charisse Minerva Spencer is a Community Builder using Creativity, Culture, and Contemplative Arts as essential tools for construction. She has worked with young people from kindergarten through college, teaching ways to reduce stress while developing tools to support navigating life in the modern world. Minerva is a Board Member and Core Faculty for the iBme Teacher Training as well as iBme Teen Mindfulness Retreats.

Charisse Minerva Spencer and her son were featured on NPR’s “Morning Edition” in 2018, as she shared with him stories from her childhood. View and listen here.

Corinne Coppola has dedicated her life to helping young people and their families improve communication and increase awareness so they could lead healthier, happier lives. She has worked with several non-profits, including iBme, to bring mindfulness and wellness practices to a variety of populations and communities. Her most impactful teachers have been her three children, ages 22, 19 and 17, who have brought her the greatest joys and lessons of her life.