Stand Proud with Us: iBme Annual Report 2018-2019

We are proud of the work we do to advance justice and equity in the world through mindfulness education. Please take a moment to stand proud with us by looking through our combined 2018–2019 iBme Annual Report below, a creative and engaging collaborative effort that we want to share more broadly.

iBme’s primary focus has been to directly impact the lives of teens, to equip them with essential tools (mindful, compassionate, self-aware, relational) at a critical time in their self-development.

Our co-commitment is to evolving the field of mindfulness education itself and its very real application in schools, offices, and society at large, reaching college-aged young adults and adults, including our own staff, in a variety of ways.

From this core, supported by a large and generous community of donors, ripples out the changes we want to see in the world.

iBme 2018-19 Annual Report Blog PostTake a look at the iBme Annual Report 2018–2019

Table of Contents

Page 2: Growing Up and Out

Page 3: Mission and Vision

Page 4: Letter from the iBme Staff

Core Programs

Page 5: The Transformative Power of Retreats

Page 6: iBme Community in Numbers

Page 7: iBme Retreat Locations

Social Innovation

Page 9–10: 2019 Teens of Color Retreats
Building a multi-identity beloved mindful community

Page 11:  Teacher Training Graduates
Leading with mindfulness in the world

Page 12–13: Convening Leaders in Mindfulness, Youth, and Justice
Building network capacity and responsiveness

Page 14: Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Workshop
Making mindfulness safer and more effective.

Page 15-16: Collaborative Leadership
Creating an equitable workspace.


Page 17–18: Overview
Accessibility is fundamental to our mission.

Page 20–26: Donor Honor Roll



Interested in making a donation to iBme?
You can do so here — all contributions are welcome and go to directly support teen scholarships.

For ten years, we have made sure that every teen who wanted to attend an iBme retreat, regardless of their ability to pay tuition, knew they would be able to come. In Summer 2019 alone, we gave out over $400,000 in scholarships. In addition, we are working towards a world of equity and inclusion, and in 2019, 29% of our teens identify as LGBTQ+ and 31% identify as teens of color. Thank you!