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Our Return to a Full Summer of Teen Retreats

→ Retreat Stats → Testimonials → Photos! → Our Takeaways → Resources We all know the reality of how disruptive the past few years have been. And though we have collectively endured disruption and uncertainty, our iBme staff & community managed to excitedly, safely, expertly, and compassionately host a full season of teen summer retreats! […]

How do we meet the needs of our time? Q&A with a Teacher Training Graduate

We can meet the needs of our time through the practice of mindfulness. Insights with iBme’s Mindfulness Teacher Training graduate, Franny McColgan iBme offers a year-long Mindfulness Teacher Training (TT) program, designed and taught by iBme expert teaching faculty, to bring mindfulness to young people. Our Teacher Training gives educators and youth-serving professionals a high-standard […]

IBME 4 Compassion Practices

Lovingkindness and compassion practices have always formed a part of mindfulness tradition and teachings. The word “lovingkindness” is a translation of the word metta in the Pali language. In a simple way, we might describe the practice of metta as the intentional cultivation of positive thoughts and emotions for oneself and for others. Here are […]

Flowers on shelf

by Ben Painter and Jon Luke Tittmann Motivated to learn what mindfulness really is, two iBme interns set out on a humble quest for truth and deeper understanding. In this series, they share what they learn along the way through encounters with leading mindfulness teachers. We left our meeting with Joseph Goldstein with a newfound […]