A Meditation for When You Feel Challenged: Tara Brach Leads RAIN

It’s hard not to feel challenged these days, angered or fearful or confused. There may be new stresses in some of our relationships, upsets from what we see and hear in the world — and, of course, there’s also all the usual ways we get caught in our reactivity in everyday life.

What do we do about it?

Tara Brach, a leading meditation teacher and longtime friend of iBme, created the RAIN practice/meditation as a go-to tool for navigating difficult spots in our lives. She offered a beautiful 15-minute guided experience of RAIN at a spring 2020 iBme online retreat, which we share here to support your mindfulness practice.

Rather than just tell you about it (including what “RAIN” stands for!), we invite you to give it a try for yourself: