The Best Decision I Ever Made for My Teen!

It’s a fact: teens find love and acceptance at iBme. That’s one reason we hear from a lot of parents, something along the lines of, “The iBme retreat was the best decision I ever made for my teen”.

“I’ve always kind of struggled with not belonging,” says Nikita M. after her third teen mindfulness retreat. “I like to joke that I’m from outer space. That’s why no one gets me.”

Does this sound familiar?

According to a January 2020 CNBC article, 73 percent of Generation Z (those born in the late 90s to early 10s) sometimes or always feel alone. A recent study using the UCLA Loneliness Scale reported that 53 percent of teens say they are too shy and introverted to connect with others.

This lack of feeling supported socially is a huge risk factor for teens and can lead to increased risk of suicide, depression, and substance abuse.

What can you, as a parent, do about it?

You want to help your kid find their people, but you also don’t want to be responsible for every element of their social, emotional, and mental well-being. It’s a complex equation for every parent!

Here’s some good news: We are here to help.

At iBme, many teens who come on retreat don’t “fit the mold”. They are caring, playful, silly, introspective, and adventurous. They often see the world differently than their peers seem to. They’re asking deep questions and wanting meaningful conversations.

These teens find a home in iBme. Is your teen one of them?

Four teens sitting on the couch

“iBme is a space where they can be free to explore who they really are. And to try things out in a container that’s a safe one.” —Ofosu, iBme parent

Help them find their people.

At iBme, we provide a safe space where your child is loved and accepted for who they are.

“On retreat, there’s no backlash, there’s no negativity,” explains one iBme teen. “It’s a place where you can be different.”

Singer and mindfulness practitioner Ofosu describes the sense of relief he had at finding iBme for his children, one of whom is trans-gender: “iBme is a space where they can be free to explore who they really are. And to try things out in a container that’s a safe one. I know that people will just accept them and love them and support them exactly as they are. It’s a place where their pronouns will be respected, their cultural backgrounds will be respected.”

“It’s the difference of belonging versus fitting in,” explains iBme parent Dana, whose daughter Gia came on her first online mindfulness retreat with iBme last year.

At iBme, your teen doesn’t need to conform in order to be loved. The result? A deep sense of belonging and acceptance in community.

“iBme is filling a space that as a parent, it’s not just for me to fill. There’s a kind of relief in having a group. She gets the support she needs so then I feel a little less worried.” says Dana.

Would your teen benefit from an iBme retreat?

Check out our full list of retreats for this summer — all happening in July! Our online retreats are immersive, interactive, and include off-screen time, offering the same caliber of experience and community connection as our in-person retreats (paused during the pandemic).

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