The Three Cs of an iBme Retreat

One of the iBme team members shared this wonderful overview in answer to the question, “What are one or two words describe what you hope a teen receives from going an iBme retreat this summer?”

Concentration — Teens learn the skills to settle their minds and ground their bodies, so they experience greater clarity and presence

Compassion — Practicing kindness towards self and others via iBme’s relational approach makes mindfulness more fun, engaging, and juicy!! Open-heartedness allows for deeper, more authentic relationships to form on retreat. Many teens report feeling “seen” in ways they never have before coming on an iBme retreat.

Connection — By intentionally building a supportive, inclusive community for all, teens learn to identify with and care for other teens they might not cross paths with in their daily lives. This provides a natural impetus and relevance for the discussions/activities about social justice and engaged practice, bridging the gap between mindfulness on retreat and in the wider world.

In the words of a parent: “My son continues to meditate and trust the process! He mentions to us different strategies that he has learned in order to be aware and present. He and his brother attended the retreat and have become closer through the shared experience, more tolerant. Our family has become closer following their experience. Thank you.” — Garbine

And since pictures are worth 1,000 words …