A Time of Uncertainty: Wisdom Talk & Guided Meditation

We offer this Wisdom Talk and Guided Meditation for a Time of Uncertainty to support your journey through this unprecedented time caused by the Coronavirus.

Do you think there’s something wrong with you if you are having a hard time right now?
Do you think there’s something wrong with you if you are NOT having a hard time right now?
Are you having a hard time AND not having a hard time?

How we each navigate this time of incredible uncertainty will be unique. It will be changeable, and it will be the best we can possibly do at any given moment. While we may not have a lot of control, we always have choice — about where we focus, whether and how we grow, the skills and tools we call on, and the people we align and share with along the way.

We invite you to listen in and practice along with two skilled and experienced iBme teachers.

Wisdom Talk with Sara Shapouri
The Neutral Zone of Transitions and the Experience of Grief

20-minute Guided Meditation with Jessica Morey
Building Our Heart’s Capacity for Caring and Compassion

Both our iBme Wisdom Talk and Guided Meditation for a Time of Uncertainty were recorded during an online Harvard Spring Break retreat that was originally scheduled to be in-person. The swift transition to an online format helped us realize that what we do — equip people with mindfulness skills in ways that catalyze personal and communal transformation — can happen in an online environment.

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Teacher Bios

Sara Shapouri Corona Wisdom Talk

Sara Shapouri has been practicing meditation since 2008 and participated in numerous retreats at the Insight Meditation Society, including a 3-month silent retreat. Sara also sits on IMS’ Board of Directors. She graduated from the University of Virginia’s School of Law, with a particular interest in human rights and social justice and has worked to promote the welfare of children in countries around the world.

Jessica Morey Corona Guided Meditation

Jessica Morey began practicing meditation at age 14 in the Insight Meditation Society teen retreats. She participated for 10 years in an IMS young-adult mentoring group and has attended longer (1-3 month) retreats in Asia and the US. She is a founding board member and lead teacher for iBme teen retreats. Her article for Mindful Magazine, Finding My Way, explores the benefits of mindfulness during her young-adult years.