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I am finding that doing this style of retreat, in my own home, is extremely rich and informative, in a way I never imagined. As much as I love the rarified space of residential retreat — beautiful halls, dorms, wilderness, a strong container disallowing the intrusion of the outside world — it is rather profound to have the opposite. To sit in the middle of the life I have and am creating.

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On the retreats below “East” refers to Eastern Daylight Time • “West” refers to Pacific Daylight Time

OngoingWeekly Live MeditationsonlineLearn More
Fall 2020Celebration and Restoration of Communities of Color CourseOnlineLearn More
October 7-28Harvard Embodied Nonviolent Communication CourseOnlineLearn More Register
October 19 - November 30Meditation as Support for White Anti-Racist Action CourseOnlineLearn More Register
October 20 - November 24Contemplative Climate Leadership: Sustaining Loving Action Amidst Global CrisisOnlineLearn More Register
November 5-8Harvard Fall Mindfulness RetreatOnlineLearn More
November 13-15Meeting the Moment All Ages RetreatOnlineLearn More Register
Dec. 28, 2020–Jan. 1, 2021New Year's Teen & Young Adult Retreat (East) OnlineLearn More
Dec. 28, 2020–Jan. 1, 2021New Year's Young Adult Retreat (West) OnlineLearn More
June 2021–June 2022 Mindfulness Teacher TrainingOnline and in Concord, MALearn More