Commit to Sit 2021

Let’s make this crazy world a little better.

Let’s sit together. Join Commit to Sit, our month-long meditation challenge, April 30th – May 27th.

Oh yes, count me in!

What You’ll Get From Participating

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Personal Insight

A month of practice goes a long way. It’s a perfect invitation to learn or deepen your mindfulness practice.

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Community Connection

Commit to Sit is a meditation party! There will be plenty of insight and inspiration to go around.

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Compassion for Self & Others

It goes without saying that the last year has been difficult. Let’s tend to ourselves and each other.

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Connection to Social Issues

What does mindfulness have to do with climate change and racial justice? We can explore together.

Choose how to participate.

There are two ways – either sign up here to make a practice commitment and attend our community events or, if you can, donate or fundraise to support iBme’s teen programs by joining our fundraising platform.

Get access to a premium meditation app.

Brightmind is donating free access (usually $100/year) to all Commit to Sit participants and supporters. Brightmind is just as easy to use as Calm or Headspace, but the guidance is far more comprehensive, precise, and practical.

Redeem Now

Commit to Sit Events

April 30th – May 27th

Based on recent feedback from iBme youth, the programs will focus on the themes of Relational Practice, Working with Difficult Emotions, Mindfulness in Daily Life, and Re-Integrating into a Post-COVID World.

April 30-May 2, 2021Opening All Ages Retreat
Watering the Garden of the Heart
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April 30 - May 27
Guided Meditations and Talks from our Retreat Library
Delivered to Your Inbox
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April 30 - May 27
Premium Access to Brightmind Meditation App
Available on Your Phone
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Mondays & Thursdays
May 3 - May 27
Live Guided Meditations and Discussions
Led by Your Favorite iBme Teachers
May 15 & May 22
Weekend Workshops
Led by Your Favorite iBme Teachers
May 27Closing Ceremony

Sign up for Commit to Sit

April 30th – May 27th

You’ll receive free access to all the events and tools listed above.