What Is Mindfulness for Teens? Insight Timer Course

At iBme, we specialize in connecting teens with mindfulness. Why? Listen to this short introduction from iBme’s Mindfulness for Teens course. In just 2 1/2-minutes, you’ll learn what mindfulness is, what some of the benefits are, and the skills teens need to deal with the stresses of being a teenager.

Listen now:
Intro to iBme’s Mindfulness for Teens course, with Jessica Morey, iBme’s Executive Director

Jessica specifically designed the course with a desire to give teens practical skills for being human by turning them on to mindfulness. She has taught hundreds of teens in the last 10 years. She herself was introduced to mindfulness as a teen and over time, found that it helped her to slow down and understand her emotions, thoughts, and habits. As a result, she experienced more ease and well-being, even when life was stressful. She was hooked — and joined iBme to ensure more teens had access to the tools of mindfulness.

“You can train your mind little by little to be calmer, more accepting, and kinder.”

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Interested in learning more?
iBme’s Master the Basics of Mindfulness for Teens is available through our online shop for only $20.00. Your purchase helps support iBme’s good work in the world — and gives you access to the downloadable course so you can practice anywhere.

Not sure? Have a listen to the first session for free.

“Meditation can be hard at first. Our minds can feel totally out of control and our bodies unbearably restless.”

More about the course:
The 10-session course consists of short, practical recordings (10-15-mins) on these topics:

  1. Coming to Our Senses
  2. Developing Focus
  3. Connecting with Our Bodies
  4. Being with Discomfort
  5. Exploring Emotions
  6. Working with Difficult Emotions
  7. What’s a Thought?
  8. Wishing Ourselves Well
  9. Gratitude Training
  10. The Mindful Toolkit

Take a look at the Mindfulness Basics for Teens course.

ibme blog post 3 go-to meditationsOther online iBme mindfulness and meditation resources.
Not everyone is into apps for their mindfulness and meditation practice. Luckily, most people can find a class where they live or via online videos. iBme offers an array of resources on our website for both beginning or re-connecting with a mindfulness and meditation practice:

We believe that the best way to learn mindfulness and meditation practices is in-person with a teacher. Our Summer and New Year Retreats for teens combine mindfulness, communication, nature, and fun (yes!) into a unique camp/getaway experience that is what we call “An iBme Teen Retreat”.

Check out our calendar for upcoming retreat opportunities.