COVID-19 In-Person Retreat Considerations

Update #7: May 17, 2022 – Summer 2022 Teen Retreats

All staff and participants are required to be fully vaccinated within two weeks of the start of retreat. You are considered fully vaccinated if it has been at least two weeks since you received your first J&J shot or your second Pfizer or Moderna shot.

Medical or religious exemptions will be made on a case-by-case basis. This vaccination requirement is waived for our Teens of Color retreat July 12-17, 2022 in Badger, CA.

All staff and participants must obtain a negative PCR or NAAT COVID-19 test (not an antigen test) within 72 hours before arriving on retreat. Please bring proof of the negative test result to registration or upload it via the unique link sent to your email.

No staff or teens will be able to participate in the retreat without uploading proof of vaccination card before retreat and presenting proof of a negative PCR test upon arrival to retreat.

COVID is still spreading and although many mask mandates have been lifted, including while flying and public transportation, we see a need to continue all precautions in preparation for gathering. We ask that if you will be flying or spending time indoors in public spaces that you mask up to support our community health.

Upon arrival on retreat, all staff and participants will administer their own COVID rapid test and wait 15 minutes until results are available. Rapid tests will be supplied by iBme.

If a participant tests positive upon arrival, and there is a safe way to get them home (in their own car or with a parent/guardian), they must leave immediately. If the participant has flown in or isn’t able to leave right away, they must quarantine in a room at the retreat center until arrangements can be made for their departure.

Parents/guardians who are dropping off their teen must wait on site until the rapid test shows a negative result.

Masks must be worn by all participants and parents/guardians upon arrival to retreat and at all times while inside any of the buildings used for registration.

Because of the unpredictable nature of COVID, it is our desire to have this policy reflect the *strictest* requirements we may have in place. At a minimum, we will follow state and local guidance where the retreat center is located.

At this time, masks are required to be worn at all times for participants and staff while indoors. Teachers may remove their masks when actively teaching. All staff and participants may be unmasked while actively eating or drinking, while outside, or while sleeping. We will aim to have as many activities and meals outside as possible, depending on weather and space availability.

If someone becomes ill on retreat (regardless of whether it is COVID or a PCR rapid test shows a positive result), they will need to immediately quarantine in their room until arrangements are made for them to safely leave the premises. The Retreat Health Coordinator will give them a thermometer to take their temperature. Given the current situation, we ask that all participants and staff be completely honest and forthcoming if they are experiencing cold- or flu-like symptoms.

There is a level of risk and liability that each family/participant takes on when attending this retreat. Some retreat centers do not have spaces to accommodate single rooms, so there will be some indoor exposure between participants who are sharing a dorm room/sleeping space.

If someone becomes ill and tests positive with COVID-19 during retreat, they will immediately be asked to quarantine and the Retreat Manager, along with the individual participant and their family, will make arrangements for quarantine and travel home. We require that if someone tests positive, a plan for departure be in place within 24 hours.

The financial responsibility of potential travel home and quarantine is the responsibility of each individual family/participant. While staff will assist with arrangements as best as possible, it is the responsibility of each family/participant to finalize arrangements for potential travel home and quarantine if it is determined necessary

On the final full day of retreat, all staff and participants will take another COVID rapid test, which will be provided by iBme.

We request that if anyone receives a positive COVID-19 test result within 5 days of the retreat ending, they notify iBme’s Retreat Registrar. IF we receive word of any participant who tests positive within 5 days of the retreat ending, we will alert all retreat staff and participants.

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