COVID-19 Protocols for Retreats

We will rely on rapid testing to help us avoid an outbreak of COVID on a retreat. We have lifted our vaccine requirement as of 1/23/2023. We will rapid test any staff and participants who have any symptoms of COVID-19. Anyone testing positive at any point in the retreat will have to leave.

Based on how COVID cases are trending, and what the best practices around keeping groups safe, we may even change things closer to retreat if there is a new variant or something else that requires rapid response.

BEFORE RETREAT We will not be requiring any proof of vaccine or negative COVID test.

UPON ARRIVAL AND DURING RETREAT: Masks may be worn optionally.

If a participant tests positive at any point during the retreat, and there is a safe way to get them home (in their own car or with a parent/guardian), they must leave immediately. If the participant has flown in or isn’t able to leave right away, they must wear a mask indoors at the retreat center until arrangements can be made for their departure.

All updates below are no longer current.

UPDATE #8: October 2022

UPDATE #7: May 2022

UPDATE #6: November 2021

UPDATE #5: September 2021

UPDATE #4: May 25, 2021

UPDATE #3: April 12, 2021

UPDATE #2: April 27, 2020

UPDATE #1: March 15, 2020