Custom Programs

Custom Programs

Nurturing the emotional and mental well-being of youth and youth-serving professionals

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Deep Learning & Growth

As the national leader in immersive mindfulness education, Inward Bound Mindfulness holds a critical responsibility in the field: to complement and amplify the impacts of in-school programs and to expand the value and capacity that youth-serving professionals have for sharing in-depth mindfulness experiences with youth.

Our custom programs offer transformative solutions, both in-person and online, for:

High Schools
Students, educators, and/or parents

Students, alumni, and/or faculty & administrators

Youth-Serving Organizations
Youth and/or youth-serving professionals with opportunities for PDUs

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Custom programming tailored to meet the needs of your community.

Using research-backed formats and culturally-responsive, trauma-informed teaching frameworks, we impart lessons in self-awareness and empathy and teach techniques that can be used to calm and focus the mind. Our retreats provide participants with opportunities to learn and implement both individual and relational mindfulness practices. They also teach how to apply mindfulness content and skills to daily life.

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What is my experience of life from inside?

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What are others experiencing?

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What are the ways I create ease for my body and mind?

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Ethical decision-making

How do I act from what is true?

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Projects Spotlight

We have worked with a wide spectrum of groups, from schools and universities to community nonprofits and mindfulness initiatives.

NW Portland Area Indian Health Board

Year-long schedule of intergenerational courses and retreats

Gill St. Bernard’s School

Four-day residential retreat offered to high school students

Harvard University

Retreats for undergraduates and graduate students since 2015

Koru Mindfulness

Recurring retreats for Teacher Certification program participants

“A retreat gets you into meditation in a way that starting a ‘once a day’ practice at home just can’t do. I don’t know of anything else that a person can do to transform themself in a more powerful way.” – Harvard Retreat Participant

2021 Massachusetts Teen Retreat
2021 Massachusetts Teen Retreat

Multi-day residential retreat

Our signature program—residential retreats—provides daily flows of guided sitting and walking meditation, relational practices, small groups, interactive workshops, and both silent and non-silent free periods.

Base pricing for a fully-staffed, 4-night/5-day retreat starts at $15,000 (facility cost not included). Retreat length and participant size will both impact final costs. Explore our brochure for detailed pricing and complete the inquiry form to chat with our staff. We will strive to develop a plan that fits your budget and are happy to collaboratively seek alternative sources of funding.

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Online Program
2020 UCLA Online Program

Multi-week course or full/half-day workshop

Our courses and workshops strive to create the most engaging experience through concise instruction, guided practices, individual reflection, small group discussions, and large group share-outs.

Base pricing for a 12-hour course led by two instructors starts at $5,000. If the course or workshop is offered in-person, additional travel costs may apply. Explore our brochure for detailed pricing and complete the inquiry form to chat with our staff..

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Teacher Training Retreat
2022 Teaching Training Program

Community-building and leadership development

There are many ways our highly skilled, diverse faculty can support your community – from development of youth mindfulness leaders to coaching and curriculum guidance for educators.

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