Community Resources

Community Resources

CL and EI Presentation

Tonya, Sarah, & David »
Administrative Staff

Inward Bound staff presents to 30+ organizations of the Retreat Center Collaboration on Equity and Interdependence and Collaborative Leadership work.

Nwamaka Agbo

Nwamaka Agbo »
CEO, Kataly Foundation

Nwamaka of the Kataly Foundation (a funder of Inward Bound) writes about how we can reject a false of harmony and transform philanthropy to support real healing.

Dr. Angel Acosta

Dr. Angel Acosta »
Healing-Centered Educator

Dr. Acosta visits Inward Bound’s Sweet Seat on Instagram Live to talk about mindfulness, education, and culture. To learn more about Dr. Acosta’s work, visit

Sara Shapouri

Sara Shapouri »
Inward Bound Teacher

Sara Shapouri visits Inward Bound’s Sweet Seat on Instagram Live to share her personal connection to and the meaning of the #FreePalestine movement.

Dr. Angela Rose Black

Dr. Angela Rose Black »
Mindfulness Researcher

Read Dr. Black’s article on disrupting systemic whiteness in the mindfulness movement. To learn more about Dr. Black’s work, visit

Rashid Hughes

Rashid Hughes »
Inward Bound Mentor

Listen to Rashid’s podcast on ‘What it means to be free’ in response to the murder of George Floyd. To learn more about Rashid’s work, visit


Rosie Aguayo »
Teen Retreat Alumni

Rosie created the Teens Against Bullying Club to bring a sense of unity on campus. One goal is to find healthy alternatives to cope with feelings through mindfulness education. Learn more.

Lama Rod

Lama Rod »
Inward Bound Teacher

Buy Lama Rod’s new book ‘Love and Rage: The Path of Liberation Through Anger.’ To learn more about Lama Rod’s work, visit

Kaira Jewel

Kaira Jewel Lingo »
Inward Bound Teacher

View Kaira Jewel’s webinar on ‘Honoring Juneteenth: Love and Justice in These Times.’ To learn more about Kaira Jewel’s work, visit

Charisse Spencer

Charisse Minerva »
Inward Bound Teacher

Listen to Charisse’s StoryCorps interview on what it was like growing up in the 1960s in Cavalier Manor, VA. Visit

Jylani, Janaya, Kanoni

Jylani, Janaya, Kanoni »
Retreat Manager and Regional Community Organizer / Teen Retreat Participants

Shop at Jylani and her daughters’ (Janaya and Kanoni) online clothing store and community forum, Black Lotus Rising. To learn more, visit

Jess and Arielle

Arielle & Jess »
Administrative Staff and Teacher

Read Arielle and Jess’ responses to a community member’s feedback on #DefundPolice including historical perspectives and articles. Visit Inward Bound’s Blog.

Miki Kashtan

Miki Kashtan »
Organizational Consultant

Read Miki’s article on Privilege, Responsibility, and Nonviolence
Miki is a co-founder of Bay Area Nonviolent Communication (BayNVC) and the author of several books on visionary leadership. Visit The Fearless Heart’s Blog.

“What mindfulness and what meditation is doing is helping me to open up to the world and to allow this willingness to be touched, to be where the healing and transformation starts.”

– Rashid Hughes