FAQs for Parents

When and how was Inward Bound Mindfulness started?

What are the qualifications of Inward Bound retreat teachers/mentors?

Can Inward Bound accommodate participants with food allergies or special dietary needs?

Can I be a volunteer on a retreat that my child is attending?

Is Inward Bound a religious organization?

How do participants get to the retreat center from the airport, their hometown/city, etc.?

What can participants expect to do each day?

How much meditation, yoga, etc. can participants expect?

How large are the retreats and what is the teen to staff ratio?

How do you handle medications for teens?

Are cell phones allowed?

What is the age range for Inward Bound teen & young adult retreats?

Is financial aid available? How do scholarships work?

What does the application process entail?

What kind of diversity will my teen encounter during their retreat experience?

Parent & Guardian Info Sessions

This Spring we’ve offered live online sessions for parents and guardians to learn more about Inward Bound.

Watch an excerpt from those sessions:

The presentation from the session is also available as a PDF.