Inward Bound Mindfulness Mentor Application

Mentoring on a Teen Retreat

Role of Mentors

Being a mentor is a very nourishing and powerful experience as well as a big commitment – we appreciate each mentor’s willingness to offer their time in this way. The primary role of our mentors is to support the teens in their practice and retreat experience. This is done by helping to “hold the container” in a kind and respectful way, “sweeping” teens to and from the meditation hall and activities, sharing in the experience of the retreat, and much more.

Mentor Qualifications

Please note that we preference staffing retreats with those who are currently in or have graduated from our teacher training. In general, when choosing mentors, we look for people with a dedication to mindfulness meditation and an interest in supporting youth. Specifically, we aim to have mentors with personal silent retreat experience and experience with teens; counseling or therapeutic experience is a plus. We aim to have at least one trained counselor/therapist on each retreat. We also consider the diversity of the mentors for each retreat – race, gender, sexual orientation, age, life experience – and additional skills mentor have to offer – art, music, theater, sports, yoga, etc. Please note: some retreat mentor positions are unpaid.

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