Mindfulness Teacher Training

Immersion in mindfulness. Geared towards teaching adolescents.

iBme’s Mindfulness Teacher Training is a yearlong training and certification that prepares professionals who work with adolescents to implement an in-depth mindfulness curriculum in high schools, colleges and other educational settings.

This program teaches mindfulness practices specifically developed for adolescents and the adults who support them, as well as the skills to succeed as effective mentors.

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Dates & Locations

October 1, 2020 Application opens

December 31, 2020 Early application deadline. All applications received by this date will be reviewed and admissions confirmed by early February. Priority scholarships will be awarded to any early applicants who are approved. Applications will continue to be approved (and scholarships awarded as available) on a rolling basis after February until the cohort is filled.

June 2021-June 2022. The year-long program begins and concludes with a 5-day retreat, with an additional 4-day retreat held in January. At this time, we are planning for these retreats to be in person in Massachusetts. However, we will continue to follow state and federal guidelines around gathering in groups in response to Covid-19 and may adjust to an online retreat format as needed. Room and board for all retreats are included in the training fee. For any retreat that is held online instead of in person, full pay participants will receive a $300 reduction in tuition (per retreat). Please note this does not apply to those on scholarship.

Anticipated Retreat Dates
June 15-20, 2021
January 14-18, 2022
June 14-19, 2022

Course Structure

  • Three residential or online retreats
  • Online study between retreats
  • Monthly small group meetings
  • Monthly cohort-wide facilitated calls
  • 1:1 Meditation and facilitation mentoring
  • Structured daily meditation practice and regular practice group opportunities
  • Individualized feedback from faculty
  • Practicum and Certification from iBme
  • Graduate Level Credits for Teachers available
  • Opportunity to receive certification from International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA)

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Who is this training for?

Professionals who are interested in teaching mindfulness in their high school, college or community through classes, workshops or retreats, and who are committed to deepening their own meditation practice as a foundation for working with adolescents and the adults in their community. This includes:

  • Public and Private School Educators
  • Higher Education Professionals
  • Adolescent Counselors & Social Workers
  • Health and Wellness Professionals
  • Experiential Educators
  • Professionals who work with young adults in any capacity

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What will you learn?

Personal and professional mindfulness teaching skills, including:

  • A depth of meditation experience adequate to embody mindfulness
  • Methods for compassionate and playful engagement with youth
  • Mindfulness practices for working with parents and colleagues
  • Foundations of adolescent developmental psychology
  • Science of mindfulness
  • Trauma-informed teaching methods
  • Ability to create and adapt curriculum based on need/interest
  • Understanding how issues of social justice including racism, power and privilege intersect and impact teaching
  • Ability to apply mindfulness to creative expression, the natural world, and global issues.

To learn more about a central school mindfulness model for this training, see our blog post Mindfulness in Educational Settings: Spotlight on the Middlesex Program.

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See what graduates of iBme Teacher Training are saying

Each video is about 60-90 seconds long

Learn why play is an essential part of our Mindfulness Teacher Training curriculum.
Hear from the participants of our Mindfulness Teacher Training program how diversity sets our program apart.
Personal growth – iBme Teacher Training
Socially engaged mindfulness – iBme Teacher Training


A strong background in the study and practice of mindfulness, including:

      • A consistent mindfulness meditation practice for at least three years
      • A minimum of 10 days total of teacher-led silent mindfulness meditation retreat practice, including at least one retreat of 5 days or more (e.g., two 5-day retreats, or one 7-day retreat and a 3-day retreat)
      • At least three years of experience working with adolescents
      • Experience teaching classes or facilitating groups is suggested.


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Jessica Morey, MA

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Khalila Archer

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Charisse Minerva Spencer, MA

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Enrique Collazo

Guest Faculty
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David Treleaven

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Rod Owens

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Doug Worthen

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Wendy Hasenkamp, PhD

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Miki Kashtan

Listen to faculty members, Jessica Morey and Charisse Minerva on the Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Podcast.

Program Fee

$7,500 (includes room and board at three retreats)

Partial Scholarships will be available

For any retreat that is held online instead of in person, full pay participants will receive a $300 reduction in tuition (per retreat). Please note this does not apply to those on scholarship.

The $7,500 Program Fee covers:

  • Three 5-day residential retreats with room and board
  • Online curriculum
  • Individual personal/professional mentoring
  • Practicum supervision
  • Monthly small group meetings
  • Guidance for structured daily meditation

iBme is committed to training diverse leaders in the growing field of secular mindfulness who can serve a wide range of communities reflecting racial, gender, economic, and religious differences.

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