Mindfulness Teacher Training

Mindfulness Teacher Training

A year-long teacher training program to bring mindfulness to young people, designed and taught by iBme teaching faculty.

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Authentic Real-World Mindfulness

You want to make an impact. You know mindfulness works, but you need more tools + confidence to launch it in your life + career. You want to bring mindfulness to your community, but haven’t quite put the pieces together to make it happen. Your teens are being left out, and you want them in. Sensing truth in any of this? This teacher training is for you.

Teens and mindfulness teacher on an iBme retreat

What will I learn?

Show up in an authentic way

Learn how to bring a fun, lively approach to teaching mindfulness, meet the unique needs of a diverse audience, and develop sensitivity and responsiveness to whoever is in the room.

Help students integrate mindfulness

Support students in how they navigate social situations, make meaningful connections, and step into the challenges of their lives.

Communicate on many levels

Learn how to communicate on an intuitive, relational, and cognitive level. Practice facilitating conversations that dive deep into important issues happening in our world.

Meet the moment

Gain tools to include social justice – inside and outside the classroom – and bring the lens of social justice into mindfulness education.

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A Lively, Fun Approach to Teaching

Mindfulness as Play

Benefits from Our Training

Socially-Engaged Mindfulness

Personal Growth

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Why take this program?

Personal Growth + Healing

  • Gain confidence to step into the next stage of bringing mindfulness into your community.
  • Find your voice and a way of teaching that resonates with you.
  • Deepen your personal practice. Be more present, patient, and self-aware.
  • Give time and space to go deep within a community of like-minded adults.

Make an Impact

  • Tap into what’s real, relevant, and alive. Integrate mindfulness into daily life + topics like money, identity, and social justice.
  • Become a more compassionate, patient resource for young people.
  • Bring mindfulness to your community in a way that fits – so no one is left out.
  • Build integrity + social responsibility as a teacher. Lead in a way that doesn’t cause harm and navigate spaces without perpetuating systems of oppression.

One-on-One Coaching with Core Faculty

Go deep, unpack course material, and talk about things you’re grappling with during monthly one-on-one meetings with your mentor. We’re there to support you in all areas of life, not just your teaching and meditation practice.

Accessible Teachers, Small Group Size

We’re shooting for a 50-person cohort with 7 core faculty. That’s a 7:1 teacher-student ratio!

You’ll also be part of a “small group” for mentoring + support, led by one of the core faculty. Capped at 8 people, the groups are a chance to bounce ideas off one another, go deep, and practice teaching.

The small groups, peer feedback, and conversations create a real sense of intimacy – personal, professional, and spiritual – that extends far beyond the training.

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Program Overview

Course Structure:

  • Three Teaching Intensives (included in program fee, 5 days each)
  • Independent Study between retreats
  • Small Group Meetings (1x month)
  • Cohort-Wide Facilitated Calls (1x month)
  • One-on-One Coaching with Core Faculty (1x month)
  • Structured Daily Meditation Practice + Weekly Practice Groups (1x week)
  • Practicum

Upon completing of the program, you will receive:

  • Certification from iBme
  • Graduate Level Credits (available for Teachers)
  • Opportunity to receive certification from International Mindfulness Teacher’s Association. (IMTA). We’re the only youth education-focused IMTA accredited program, which allows you to become an internationally certified and recognized mindfulness teacher.

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Who’s teaching?

NOTE: This is the faculty from the 2021 Teacher Training cohort. We’ll announce the faculty for the 2023 training in 2022.

Core Faculty
Jessica Morey, MA profile photo

Jessica Morey, MA

Khalila Archer profile photo

Khalila Archer

Charisse Minerva Spencer, MA profile photo

Charisse Minerva Spencer, MA

Enrique Collazo profile photo

Enrique Collazo

Sara Shapouri profile photo

Sara Shapouri

Anthony Maes profile photo

Anthony Maes

Zac Ispa-Landa profile photo

Zac Ispa-Landa

Josh Kehler profile photo

Josh Kehler

Guest Faculty
David Treleaven profile photo

David Treleaven

Rod Owens profile photo

Rod Owens

Doug Worthen profile photo

Doug Worthen

Wendy Hasenkamp, PhD profile photo

Wendy Hasenkamp, PhD

Miki Kashtan profile photo

Miki Kashtan

JoAnna Hardy profile photo

JoAnna Hardy

Oren Jay Sofer profile photo

Oren Jay Sofer

Teen expressing during group


Origin and Definitions of Mindfulness

  • Unit 1: Mindfulness, Awareness, and Attention

Mindfulness of Self

  • Unit 2: Stress, Relaxation, and the Body
  • Unit 3: Emotions and Thoughts
  • Unit 4: Forming the Adolescent Identity
  • Unit 5: Trauma, Addiction, and the Descent

Mindfulness in Relationship

  • Unit 6: Teaching as Mentorship
  • Unit 7: Mindful Communication
  • Unit 8: Social Justice, Intersectionality, and Power

Mindfulness in the World

  • Unit 9: Play, Culture, and Creative Expression
  • Unit 10: Nature Awareness
  • Unit 11: Building Mindful Communities
  • Unit 12: Livelihood

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Who this program is FOR...

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What kind of people do this program?

Why learn with us?


If you have any additional questions, please contact us at teachertraining@ibme.com.

Why is iBme offering a mindfulness teacher training program?

Do you offer tuition assistance?

Is there an application fee?

When will I know if I’m accepted?

How many people will the program be open to?

Is there a set curriculum to implement in schools and youth settings?

Is this training appropriate for people who are working in non-educational contexts, such as hospitals or youth detention facilities?

What does the mentoring consist of?

What does the curriculum consist of between retreats, and what kind of learning activities does it include?

Is the training based on a specific meditation lineage?

The application requires that I list my meditation teacher. What if I don’t have a meditation teacher?

Will this training prepare me to become an iBme teacher on a teen & young adult retreat?

Are there recommended retreat centers to meet the prerequisites?

What if I don’t teach youth? Is this TT still for me?

Will this program be offered again?

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