Mindfulness Teacher Training Curriculum

Mindfulness Teacher Training movement class

Area of Study #1 – Origin and Definitions of Mindfulness

Content Unit 1: Mindfulness, Awareness, and Attention

Area of Study #2 – Mindfulness of Self

Content Unit 2: Stress, Relaxation, and the Body

Content Unit 3: Emotions and Thoughts

Content Unit 4: Forming the Adolescent Identity

Participant sitting in grass

Content Unit 5: Trauma, Addiction, and the Descent

Area of Study #3 – Mindfulness in Relationship

Content Unit 6:Teaching as Mentorship

Content Unit 7: Mindful Communication

Content Unit 8: Social Justice, Intersectionality, and Power

Area of Study #4 – Mindfulness in the World

Jessica Morey teaching

Content Unit 9: Play, Culture, and Creative Expression

Content Unit 10: Nature Awareness

Content Unit 11: Building Mindful Communities

Content Unit 12: Livelihood