Mindfulness Teacher Training FAQs

Jessica Morey and Chris Crotty answer questions about the Mindfulness Teacher Training program. Listen to the recording here.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at teachertraining@ibme.com.

Why is Inward Bound Mindfulness offering a mindfulness teacher training program?

Do you offer tuition assistance?

Is there an application fee?

When will I know if I’m accepted?

How many people will the program be open to?

Is there a set curriculum to implement in schools and youth settings?

Is this training appropriate for people who are working in non-educational contexts, such as hospitals or youth detention facilities?

What does the mentoring consist of?

What does the curriculum consist of between retreats, and what kind of learning activities does it include?

Is the training based on a specific meditation lineage?

The application requires that I list my meditation teacher. What if I don’t have a meditation teacher?

Will this training prepare me to become an Inward Bound teacher on a teen & young adult retreat?

Are there recommended retreat centers to meet the prerequisites?

What if I don’t teach youth? Is this TT still for me?

Will this program be offered again?