We’ve got summer retreats!

May 30, 2020

We are excited about the opportunities our new online format offers.

It’s our signature style, even more accessible, providing the same transformative impact — and a really great experience!

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How are you doing?

April 29, 2020

We know that these are stressful, unpredictable times. Some people are doing well, others are not — some of us may be both in the space of a few hours. We encourage everyone to develop or return to mindfulness practice for simple, reliable, ongoing support as we all navigate the challenges and changes.

As if the teen years aren’t stressful enough! We’ve developed resources specific to teens in response to the current reality (and whatever lies ahead). Here are our COVID-19 Resources and Support. Please use and share widely.

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Join us on retreat — from home!

April 24, 2020

When life gives you lemons, the saying goes, you make lemonade. When life gives you a global pandemic and tells you to stay at home week after week, you create online mindfulness retreats — at least that’s what the team at iBme did.

May 1–3 East Online Retreat and May 15–17 West Online Retreat

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Staying connected — new online options with iBme

April 14, 2020

At this time of sudden change, iBme is committed to connecting teens, families, schools, and communities with sources of wisdom and practice. With this in mind, we are currently providing a wide range of new online opportunities for mindfulness and meaningful engagement with ourselves, each other, and the world at large.

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FIRST TIME EVER: Online Climate Change Course

April 7, 2020

Through guided mindfulness practice and rituals based in Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects canon, we’ll support youth to build the inner resiliency, compassion, and embodied interconnection to thrive in the crucial work of advocating for a livable planet and defending the earth they are inheriting.

Teachers Jessica Morey and Shea Riester both have extensive passion and expertise in this subject.

Read about the course themes, specific practices, and teachers backgrounds, and register here.

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#StayAtHome #SitAtHome – Join Commit to Sit

April 4, 2020


Odds are that you’ve spent more time at home in the past few weeks than you have in a very long time, and that surrendering to this new reality has come with a whole spectrum of reactions. While it might not be an antidote to the virus, mindfulness practice is certainly accessible ‘medicine’ to treat the heightened levels of anxiety and stress present in our world with calm and compassion.

Bring more mindfulness into your home and community (think evening meditations on your front lawn or balcony with neighbors…before you break into song).

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Daily Meditations + Online Retreat

March 22, 2020

During this unprecedented time, we believe more strongly than ever in the need for practice in community. Starting Monday, every weekday at 2pm EST/11am PST we will be offering a daily meditation guided by one of in iBme’s teachers, specifically geared towards teens and open to all.

We are also offering a new online retreat in collaboration with UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC), starting Thursday March 22!

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Aliveness in the Moment

March 19, 2020

iBme is closely monitoring COVID-19 as the situation unfolds. As our first retreat is over three months away, we are hopeful they will go on as planned. However, if they do not, we guarantee a 100% refund and will provide notice well in advance of any cancellation. We will be providing regular updates through our website, email, and social media.

During both joyful times and challenging times, we can breathe and find balance. Without pushing away what we don’t want or clinging to what we do, we can witness the aliveness of a simple moment, invite awareness of a single, sweet breath.

We wish for all ease and calm and invite you to join us — on retreat, in meditation, and online. Teens and adults, parents and teachers, we are all part of a growing community creating the world we know is possible.

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It’s time to sign up for iBme’s Annual Commit to Sit!

March 6, 2020

It’s that time of year again – iBme’s Annual Commit to Sit, a peer-to-peer fundraiser and practice challenge, starts April 15th! As a past participant, you’re probably familiar with the process – meditate everyday individually or in a group, and raise money from family, friends, co-workers, and local organizations to support teens of all backgrounds to attend our transformative teen retreats.

This year we’re happy to share that we are partnering with Ten Percent Happier to provide you with three months of free access to their meditation app. Join today to get your promo code.

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Comforting Wisdom, Upcoming Retreats, & A Welcome!

February 14, 2020

One of the beautiful things about meditation and mindfulness is that it is always available. We are always starting right now, right here: maybe we turn our attention to the sounds around us or we sit down for a formal session or we hit play on a guided recording or we look into the eyes of a friend with love …

Our vision at iBme is to support future generations of heart-centered, diverse leaders who are prepared to respond to the challenges of their time with focus, resiliency, and compassion for themselves, their communities, and the global environment.

We do this through the practice of mindfulness.

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Thank you, iBme Community

January 29, 2020

Our End of Year campaign was a huge success. With your support, we are more than 70% towards our teen scholarship goal for 2020! Together, we raised $526,018 that will go towards the increasing scholarship need from teens and their families in communities all across the country.

Year after year we are challenged with making our retreats accessible for teens of all income levels to attend, and each year this need is met by hundreds of donors – intent on keeping our radical vision for the world alive.

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Connecting Teens and Mindfulness

January 24, 2020

This year we celebrate 10 years since iBme was founded with a simple vision of connecting teens and mindfulness. How hard could that be?

As we look back, we are filled with gratitude and amazement at the community of people who have contributed to bringing this vision into reality. Together, we have worked very hard and have had an incredible impact on the lives of so many teens, parents, and educators.

Looking ahead, we are passionate about the opportunities that 2020 holds for connecting teens and communities with the transformative practices of mindfulness.

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