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September 17, 2020

Mindfulness Retreats: Online and interactive. All you need is an Internet connection and an open heart!

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Ready for some good news?

August 25, 2020

We commit every day to ensure a beautiful, empowering, and equitable world for everyone. Step by step, breath by breath, and program by program, we connect teens and adults of all ages with the proven, timeless practices of mindfulness.

Despite radical shifts and pressures in the world, iBme is thriving — through the practices of mindfulness itself, we respond to the critical needs of the moment, while maintaining our commitment to the biggest picture of what the world needs.

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Take a little break with us to “just be”

July 31, 2020

Mindfulness offers a key to finding moments of calm, joy, connection, and truth no matter what is going on around us — and it starts within ourselves.

In August, we’re offering four more programs, all online and interactive:

  • Start or deepen a meditation practice
  • Learn from seasoned pros what mindfulness does and how it works (seriously, our teachers are the best!)
  • Experience authenticity in small group check-ins with others interested in mindfulness
  • Try new things, take some chances, and discover a little about yourself and what makes you thrive.

All you need is a device, an Internet connection, and some privacy.

Join us in being — being ourselves, being real, being together — this summer.

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Marking an Important Transition at iBme

July 26, 2020

Dear Friend of iBme,

At the end of July, Jessica Morey (above doing one of her favorite things, dancing on teen retreat) will be transitioning out of a staff role at Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (iBme) the organization she co-founded, where she was the long-time Executive Director, and a major contributor to its growth and impact over the past decade.

The current issue of Mindful magazine recognized her as one of 12 Powerful Women of the Mindfulness Movement. We could go on and on about how our team feels about Jess and list endless accolades and accomplishments, but this email is to share her thoughts about this decision. Read Jessica’s words here.

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Kick off your shoes with us

July 10, 2020

It’s summer! Amidst all the rest of it, make sure to take a break and relax sometimes, regroup, see what happens when you’re not on autopilot. Sit for a short meditation break. Go for a walk on a different street or trail than usual. Cook yourself something new.

We think that one of the best things you can do for yourself this summer is to join one of our retreats or courses. In an intentional and welcoming environment focused on learning mindfulness, you’ll have a chance to slow down, practice, and share with others. Not only is it an amazing experience, you take the depth and richness with you. But of course, we’re biased.

Hope to see you this summer! (Time to register!!)

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Happy July! For you …

June 13, 2020

finding the stillness within …

Discover a community of radical acceptance, connected by the practices and teachings of mindfulness. We all need deep connections right now — to ourselves, to each other, and to what matters.

Want to learn something new? Interested in starting or expanding a mindfulness or meditation practice? Ready to connect to life and others with heart?

Have an iBme online program experience this summer — it’s much more than just staring at a screen.

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Let’s get closer…

June 13, 2020

Remember when this picture looked normal? It wasn’t that long ago that we could be outdoors, together, goofing around. So much has happened so quickly — it truly boggles the mind.

Here’s the picture at iBme right now:

In response to George Floyd and racial injustice, we stand with Black Lives Matter and the protestors. In response to the Coronavirus, we’ve moved our retreats and teachings online. Our staff are all working from home to stay safe and ensure that our community has what it needs.

We are here for you and encourage everyone to find solace in practice and connection (we offer a daily weekday meditation — please join).

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NEW! 10 Summer Courses Just for You

June 5, 2020

We’re listening — and responding to what we hear: a desire for focus, learning, practice, and connection.

We’ve just added 10 new 4-week online courses on topics that matter to you and address what you are telling us you want and need right now.

Join awesome iBme teachers from around the world for these very special opportunities to experience and create change in and around you.

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We stand for racial justice, will you stand with us?

June 2, 2020

We are all grieving once again for the trauma and loss experienced by our brothers and sisters of color in our unjust world. While these moments might bring the injustice into focus, we recognize that systemic racism is alive in every moment. We stand in solidarity with front-line activists doing the difficult work of advocating for social justice and looking to bring structural change in their own communities.

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We’ve got summer retreats!

May 30, 2020

We are excited about the opportunities our new online format offers.

It’s our signature style, even more accessible, providing the same transformative impact — and a really great experience!

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How are you doing?

April 29, 2020

We know that these are stressful, unpredictable times. Some people are doing well, others are not — some of us may be both in the space of a few hours. We encourage everyone to develop or return to mindfulness practice for simple, reliable, ongoing support as we all navigate the challenges and changes.

As if the teen years aren’t stressful enough! We’ve developed resources specific to teens in response to the current reality (and whatever lies ahead). Here are our COVID-19 Resources and Support. Please use and share widely.

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Join us on retreat — from home!

April 24, 2020

When life gives you lemons, the saying goes, you make lemonade. When life gives you a global pandemic and tells you to stay at home week after week, you create online mindfulness retreats — at least that’s what the team at iBme did.

May 1–3 East Online Retreat and May 15–17 West Online Retreat

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