Adult Retreats

Mindfulness Retreats
for Adults

5-day immersion retreats in beautiful places. New meditators and those with experience welcome.

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What do you do on retreat?

Learn or deepen mindfulness

Learn simple mindfulness tools to use anywhere, any time for ease and presence.


Learn meditation through guided and silent, sitting and walking practices from expert teachers.

Develop community

Develop genuine relationships and cultivate communication skills and participate in small-group check-ins.

Go within

Take time to be with yourself in new ways, to reflect and discover.

iBme Adult Retreats

iBme adult retreats provide an opportunity for people interested in mindfulness and meditation to begin or deepen a practice, an open-hearted curiosity is all that is required. We teach classical mindfulness tools in the contemporary context of our lives and their complexities — along with our own inner complexities! The mindfulness tools learned and practiced on retreat teach skills for navigating life in a self-empowered way. Many of the participants in our adults retreats work with teens and/or are the parents of teens, although many don’t; some have prior meditation experience, some don’t. These retreats are open to anyone interested in an iBme mindfulness retreat experience.

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Jul 2023–Jul 2024Mindfulness Teacher Trainingin-person retreats, online mentoring + curriculumlearn more
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Our faculty and staff

Our retreats are led by awesome adults with years of experience serving and teaching mindfulness, alongside their own longstanding mindfulness practices. iBme faculty and staff walk their talk in their professional and personal lives and devote themselves to creating a truly unique and safe container for each person to be welcomed, accepted, and supported in the ways they need. Oh, and have some fun along the way!

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