Communities of Color Meditation

The Weekly Pull-Up!

A CoC Meditative Gathering To Show Up for What’s Arising in Our Hearts, Homes and Communities
Wednesdays @ 9pm ET/6pm PT • Saturdays @ 1pm ET / 10am PT
1 Hour on Zoom
Co-Facilitators will vary but will include a teen or young adult at each sit

Are you looking to grow your meditation practice? Would you like a community to sit with? Have you ever just wanted to be in the room feeling a vibe with other folx?

The Weekly Pull Up is an opportunity for youth and young adults (and the adults that support them) to show up with whatever is on their hearts and minds. The practice of sitting meditation in community is an opportunity for the merging of the individual + collective sense of conscious awareness that encourages us to be present to whatever is coming up, sometimes without ever having to say a word. You can sit silently and witness your feelings, fears and even frustrations, AND/OR, your joys, accomplishments and celebrations, while experiencing the benefits of being held in community. Whatever it is, all you have to do is show up. Beginners and advanced practitioners are welcome.

  • What to expect in 60 minutes:
    • Five (5) minute stroll in and get comfortable.
    • Brief welcoming/acknowledgement/check-in.
    • Guided meditation and/or collaborative discussion.
    • Closing/Dedication Of Merit
    • Five(5) minute send off and be well.

Please note – The format for the The Weekly Pull Up may change as we collectively come to know what feels right for our community. Community meditation sessions are not intended to replace mental health services. Referrals are available for those in need of additional care.

Upcoming Meditations

DateTimeLed By
Saturday June 1910am PT/ 1pm ETJose Palma & Daniel Charbonnet
Wednesday June 236pm PT/ 9pm ETKristen May & Isabelle Chow
Wednesday June 306pm PT/ 9pm ETRhandle Pedro & Raul Betancourt
Wednesday July 76pm PT/ 9pm ETLuna Rosal & Aqeel Yaseen
Wednesday July 146pm PT/ 9pm ETJosie Banson & Sel Brown
Wednesday July 216pm PT/ 9pm ETKai Sugioka-Stone & Jose Palma

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