Harvard Retreats

Education rooted in mindfulness. Comprehensive approaches.

iBme’s retreats for high schools, colleges, and universities offer an opportunity for students, faculty, alumni, and parents to spend dedicated time outside the classroom to ease anxiety and foster new relationships.

These retreats, which follow a similar schedule to our teen and young adult retreats, can be tailored to the needs of your school. The retreat schedule is built on periods of mindfulness meditation and silent practice, small group work, engaging workshops, and ample time in nature.

iBme also makes available workshops and one-day programs for students and teachers as an introduction to mindfulness or to support existing mindfulness programs.

A growing body of scientific research demonstrates that mindfulness and social-emotional programs in schools impacts students in the following ways:

  • Improved concentration, learning retention and standardized test scores
  • Stronger emotional resilience and self-esteem
  • Positive attitudes about others, greater empathy, and improved social interactions and classroom behavior
  • Decreased stress and reduction in behavioral issues

“A retreat gets you into meditation in a way that starting a “once a day” practice at home just can’t do… I don’t know of anything else that a person can do to transform themselves in a more powerful way.” – Attendee, Harvard retreat


July 17-19, 2020July All Ages Retreat (East)OnlineLearn More Register
August 14-16, 2020August All Ages Retreat (West)onlineLearn More Register

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