Wilderness Retreats

iBme’s Wilderness Program provides an unparalleled opportunity to cultivate mindfulness within the context of an immersive wilderness experience. Our wilderness retreats combine the awareness, concentration and relational practices of our standard retreats with nature practices that ground and deepen our connection with the earth. We offer wilderness retreats for teens, parents and young adults, including for college credit through UCLA.

Practicing mindfulness in the wilderness naturally deepens a sense of interconnectedness, well-being, and calm within ourselves and the world around us. As one of the founders of our teen retreats says, “The beauty of coming to practice mindfulness in the wilderness is allowing us to return to our ‘natural’ mind, a mind uncluttered by busyness and technology—a mind free to take in the vastness of the earth and the spaciousness of our consciousness.”

For more information about location, gear needed, retreat format, experience of the staff and more, please see our Wilderness Retreat FAQ.

“iBme created a nurturing environment in the beautiful mountains that allowed me to be a truly authentic version of myself.” Jalena, age 17

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