Wilderness Retreat FAQ

What gear do I need?

Participants will need to provide all their own clothing and personal gear including a sleeping bag, sleeping pad and backpack. Please look over the equipment list carefully to make sure you have everything you need. iBme has limited extra items, such as a few backpacks and sleeping pads, which we can loan if needed. Please contact us if you are interested in this option. iBme will provide all shelters (except for Adult retreats, where participants will provide their own small tent or bivy sack), stoves, and meals in the backcountry. iBme staff will make sure that all participants are well equipped before heading into the backcountry. For gear related questions please contact contact@ibme.com.

How physically strenuous is the retreat?

We will be hiking 2-4 miles a day while in the backcountry. All participants should be prepared for a backpacking trip and be fit enough to carry a 35-45 lb backpack over uneven and varied terrain. Although these retreats will have a physical component, pushing our physical limits is not the focus or a goal of the experience.

Who are the staff that will be supporting the retreat?

Each group will be comprised of 2-3 staff and 8-12 participants. Each staff team will include an experienced mindfulness teacher (10-20 years of meditation experience) and a wilderness guide familiar with leading teens in the backcountry,

What is the format of the retreat?

Once we arrive in the backcountry, we will spend most mornings practicing silent walking and sitting meditation, as well as relational mindfulness. The afternoon will be devoted to bringing our awareness to the natural world through guided hikes and activities connecting us more deeply with nature.

What if I cannot pay the full amount of the Retreat Fee?

Our fee structure is developed to accommodate a wide range of family incomes. Our guideline is 1.5% of annual family income for our 10-day wilderness retreats. The difference between the full cost and fees paid is defrayed through the generosity of individuals and foundations. You will be able to indicate how much you can pay when you register.

Will I have communication with my child during the retreat?

A key part of our retreat will be unplugging from technology and connecting with the natural world. Therefore, during our time in the backcountry contact with the outside will be limited to emergency situations. All backcountry guides carry satellite phones to use in case of emergency.

Who do I contact in case of an emergency and need to speak to my teen?

Please call the logistics coordinator or the iBme main office if you have circumstances that necessitate contacting your loved one.