Program Recordings

Nothing can replace being on retreat and hearing from our teachers in-person, but these recordings offer a sample of the wisdom talks and meditations offered on our retreats. We encourage you to check out the other books, guided meditations, and apps on our Resources page. These recordings come from live virtual retreats held via Zoom so video quality can vary. If video quality is lacking then we may offer the recording in an audio-only format. Enjoy our featured recordings and archives below.

Featured Recordings

Get your yoga mat ready! This energizing yet supportive and gentle all-levels yoga is led by Inward Bound teacher Ghylian Bell. The movement begins with seated yoga asana practice and includes elements of qigong and mindfulness meditation. Feel free to add your own savasana at the end. This recording comes from one of Inward Bound’s Teen & Young Adult retreats, which was held online over the 2020-21 New Year holiday.

The Hindrances: Greed, Aversion, Sleepiness, Worry, and Doubt & How to Work with Them, Sara Shapouri

What gets in the way of our meditation practice and our lives? In this guided meditation Sara explains the hindrances: greed/wanting, aversion/hatred, sleepiness/dullness, restlessness/worry, and doubt and how they show up both on and off the cushion. In the guided meditation she offers tools for working with these hindrances and emotions as a whole.

Meeting Ourselves Where We Are, Sara Shapouri

Here’s the thing about meditation: We don’t have to be perfect to start. We can meet ourselves wherever we are and begin there. Join Sara for this 12 minute guided meditation in meeting ourselves with compassion. This practice is an abridged version of a longer meditation (The Hindrances: Greed, Aversion, Sleepiness, Worry, and Doubt & How to Work with Them).

Gathering our Attention: A Practice with Meditation “Anchors”, Jessica Morey

How about something slow and soft? Jessica leads this sweet, relaxing, and centering meditation that allows us to explore the meditation anchors (sounds, sensations in the body, and breath) with curiosity. A great beginner-friendly meditation practice.