2021 Recordings

Nothing can replace being on retreat and hearing from our teachers in-person, but these recordings offer a sample of the wisdom talks and meditations offered on our retreats. These recordings come from live virtual retreats held via Zoom so video quality can vary. If video quality is lacking then we may offer the recording in an audio only format.

Spring Weekend Retreat, March 2021

Long day, huh? Need to relax a bit before bed? Feeling a little scattered at the end of a crazy day? iBme teacher Anthony “T” Maes leads this cozy meditation to help our bodies and minds prepare for rest and sleep. Grab a blanket or pillow and settle in.

Think meditation and mindfulness practice have nothing to do with real life? Think again. iBme teacher and high school social worker Devon Cresci talks about how she found mindfulness, the ways it helped her through losing her best friend, and how mindfulness relates to social and racial justice work.

Mini self-care sesh! iBme teacher Mark Wax leads this awesome 11-minute session in self-touch – great for when you need a work break, a little head massage or just some healing touch. Don’t be afraid to look a little weird, it’s worth it.

Calling all mindfulness educators! Looking for a guided meditation that covers tools and techniques for settling the nervous system and managing difficult emotions? Join iBme teacher and high school social worker Devon Cresci for this 30-minute practice that includes somatic holds and a lovely, supportive guided practice.

How can mindfulness be used to support people who have been through difficulty, anxiety, or trauma? In this 16-minute guided practice and talk iBme teacher and high school social worker Devon Cresci shares how to use “somatic holds” and how they can help us with difficult experiences and emotions. Mindfulness educators and experienced practitioners alike will appreciate this one.