Massachusetts Fall Adult Retreat

Who can attend?Parents/Guardians, Teachers, Youth-Serving Professionals
All levels of experience welcome
Questions?(978) 254-7082 or

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Harvard Pilgrim

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Retreat Description

Please join us for our Massachusetts Fall Adult Retreat. The retreat will mostly be held in silence – practicing sitting and walking meditation with occasional relational and movement practices.

You will have a glimpse into the potential for life changing effects of mindfulness with guidance to cultivate an open-minded approach to being in the present moment. People often walk away from retreat living with this degree of calm, peace and ease that many people have never experienced before. Many people also report, after retreat, that things become more vibrant, along with a stable feeling of joy.


Do I need to sleep in a dorm? We encourage attendees to stay in the dorms (all rooms are singles) to have the full retreat experience, but if you want to commute to campus daily that is ok.

Can I miss part of the retreat? For several reasons we encourage you to experience the entire retreat, but can make exceptions given particular circumstances.

Is it ok if I have never practiced before? Definitely. Many have found retreats of this length to be a great way to learn the mindfulness practice. If you are worried that the “typical day” schedule is too much please know that many find it much easier time than expected.

What is a typical day like? See below. The days are held mostly in silence with some times open for Q&A.

Sample Schedule

7:00am – Wake Up
7:30am – Mindful Movement and Sitting Meditation
8:00 – Breakfast and Free Time
9:30 – Morning Meditation Program (including Q&A)
Noon – Lunch and Free Time
2:00 – Afternoon Meditation Program (including Q&A)
4:30pm – Mindful Movement and/or Walk
5:30 – Dinner and Free Time
7:30 – Evening Meditation Program (including Q&A)
9:30 – Free Time
10:30pm – Bed

Amazing and transformative weekend.

Revealing, insightful, deepening, connective

Extremely valuable to all ages and to all levels of experience with mindfulness.

Peaceful, calming, and validating

It was a wonderful experience. I was longing for the solitude, the quietude, and the guidance.