Massachusetts Young Adult Retreat

(ages 18-32)

Ready for a different kind of experience this year?

Give yourself the time and space to feel calm, relaxed, present, and nourished by joining us at the Massachusetts Young Adult Retreat at Middlesex School in Massachusetts.

On this expert-led retreat, you’ll be guided to explore mindfulness in a beautiful setting, and expand your ability to connect authentically with yourself and others.

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Retreat Description

Group meditation insideOn this retreat we will explore mindfulness, through both formal meditation periods and relational mindfulness activities. Together, we will develop our skills of focused concentration, introspection, compassion, and insight. Scientifically proven to build emotional resilience, inner strength and well-being, these practices support our capacity to connect authentically with ourselves and others.

Each day will primarily be held in silence and will include sitting and walking meditation, small group activities, movement and free time. Please come prepared to participate in all aspects of the retreat with curiosity and a willingness to engage with challenge.

“I have never felt so loved, safe, supported, or respected as I have here… I learned that it is okay to be free, to be myself.”

“I had a moving experience of feeling a deep love for myself which I’ve so rarely experienced in the past. I learned that I can simply be in the present regardless of what may arise and found ease in that knowledge.”

– Retreat participants

Register your interest for our 2020 retreat