Online Mindfulness Retreat (November)

A Shelter in the Storm:
Post-Election Refuge
Online Mindfulness Retreat for All Ages

Friday, November 13 @ 7:30pm EST – Sunday, November 15 @ 8:00pm EST

Online via Zoom

Please note that this retreat is open to participants in all time zones.

Cultivating Calm and Resilience through Community

We will come together after the election in a time of community resilience to responsively adapt to the needs of our community and whatever is coming up in the wake of what is sure to be a historic 2020 election. What better time to immerse in a mindfulness retreat! Participants of all ages are welcome. We’ve adapted our signature style to the online environment to bring you a meaningful and transformative retreat experience. You’ll learn skills for sustaining a home practice and bringing more ease and compassion into your life and relationships. Join on your own or with others.

This unique retreat weaves iBme’s relational approach with periods of silent guided meditation, yoga, small-group discussion, workshops, and wisdom talks.

We know from experience that iBme’s relational mindfulness approach works for people of all ages. We invite everyone — teens, college students, adults, elders — including members of the same family, to come together in this retreat to practice, learn, share, and transform. In addition to whole-group sessions, we will also be dividing into small groups based on age and life stage. In this way each population will have the opportunity to reflect with their peers on the particular realities they are facing at this time.

Retreat Staff

Feedback from our most recent online retreats:

“This experience made a challenging time much more manageable. The opportunities to connect with others in meditation, movement, conversation, emotion, social connection, mindful practice, dance, and thought were so precious. What an amazing gift.”

“Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. What you are doing could not be more important and the skill of the teaching that you offer is fantastic.”

“I feel so grateful to have a meditation practice and community right now as we “shelter in place” in California. In-person social interactions (outside of those with my partner) have been very limited so these chances to connect mean a lot. Yay for Zoom!!”

What does the retreat consist of?

During this retreat, we will be fully immersing ourselves in a contemplative space for three days. We ask that you commit to this as fully as possible, particularly to the small-group discussion periods. This online retreat will include periods of:

  • guided mindfulness meditation
  • instruction on integrating mindfulness into daily life
  • small-group periods for discussion and social connection, and
  • workshops on various topics such as mindful eating; restorative yoga; mindful communication; and how to use digital technology wisely (with a focus on the pressures of the current moment).

All participants will receive ongoing, personalized support and practice advice in small groups from highly experienced meditation teachers and mentors, just like we provide on our in-person retreats.

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How can I prepare?

We encourage you to create a designated practice space for yourself (and any family members you are participating with) that will be uninterrupted during your retreat time and have as much silence as possible. You should let your family and friends know that you won’t be available — but this retreat will not require complete isolation such as on a traditional silent retreat. We also encourage you to separate as much as possible from the use of technology (other than for the purposes of the retreat!), although we will devote a small amount of time each day, as a group, to practice checking the news and our personal messages in a mindful way (for those who wish to do so).

We are excited to provide these new offerings at a time when mindfulness practice can be particularly supportive and when many of us can benefit from opportunities to connect deeply with others in a compassionate and authentic space.

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Learn the fundamentals


Using a variety of formats and teaching frameworks, we impart lessons in self-awareness, compassion, and offer techniques to calm the mind, build emotional resilience and savor joy.

Relational Mindfulness + Practice Support

Spend time each day with a small group, connecting, learning compassionate communication and deepening authentic relationships and getting personal support for your meditation practice. Small groups will be based on aged (eg. teens, young adults, adults) and facilitated by experienced staff.

Inner Stillness

Being on retreat offers a rare opportunity to experience a life without constant distractions. Together we will create a technology-limited environment that flows back and forth between silent and interactive times.

Cost and Accessibility

$250 for full tuition
$50 – $250 sliding scale for economic hardship

We are asking for a registration payment for this retreat for two reasons, the first is to create a solid container of commitment and community from participants. In this way, we can have regular small groups, structured workshops, and a sense of practice community in our virtual meditation hall. The second is so that we can financially support our teachers and mentors who are committing a large amount of time and energy to hold the container of the retreat.

We remain deeply committed to equity and accessibility and with this in mind have established a sliding scale for tuition. If your family earns $100,000 or more per year, then we request that you pay the full price of $250 for the weekend. If your family earns less than $100,000/year, you may self-select an amount to pay based on your particular circumstances. We ask that you be as generous as you are able. If you cannot afford the discounted fee, please email and we will find a way to make it work for you.