Harvard Spring Break Retreat

Harvard Spring Break Retreat

March 13th – 16th, 2023
The Connors Retreat Center in Dover, MA
This retreat is for Harvard students (undergraduates and graduate students)

Harvard Spring Break Retreat

Connect with yourself in community

Step outside your daily routines in an off-campus retreat open to undergraduate students who are part of Harvard College. Learn the foundational practices for cultivating mindfulness and compassion or deepen your existing practcie. Expand your capacity for focus, freedom, joy, and tolerating discomfort. Be guided in practical ways to sustain your practice in everyday life.

Who is this retreat for?

Anyone with an open mind and heart who is willing to try something new and do their best to be themselves and accept everyone else in being themselves. You leave an iBme retreat with mindfulness practices and communication skills that you can practice in everyday life to continue to learn, grow, and cultivate your inner life.

Learn the fundamentals


Using a variety of formats and teaching frameworks, we impart lessons in self-awareness, compassion, and offer techniques to increase concentration and focus the mind.

Mindful Movement

Spend time each day with a small group of peers, connecting and deepening authentic relationships with other teens who are experiencing the world in similar and different ways from you.

Inner Stillness

Being on retreat offers a rare opportunity to experience a life without constant distractions. We create a technology-free environment that flows back and forth between silent and social times.

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Harvard Spring Break Retreat Staff

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The Connors Retreat Center

The Connors Retreat Center

The Connors Retreat Center sits on an 80-acre estate in Dover, Massachusetts. The peaceful site makes it an ideal place for an iBme retreat. We’ll enjoy the views from inside, explore the outdoors as well, and gather for nourishing meals in the Dining Room. Our rooms are all close by, creating a supportive environment for solitude and social time.

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