Intuitive Creativity: Living Life from the Heart

Intuitive Creativity

Mondays/Thursdays 2-3:30pm EDT/11am-12:30pm PDT
August 10, 13, 17, 20 • Online via Zoom
Ages 13+

Living Life from the Heart

A Contemplative 2-week, 4-class Course for Ages 13+

Learning to tap into and explore intuitive creation allows us to use that intuitive wisdom in diverse situations across the palette of living. In this course, we’ll create using visuals, sound, movement, and storytelling; and mindfulness and contemplation will be our companions and guides throughout the process. No “talent” or experience required. This course is about fully embracing the process of creation rather than making any kind of finished product. We intend to reconnect with the fun, joy, and ease of creating and imagining that many of us knew as children.

Session 1: Visual Art – Intuitive Drawing

We’ll start the course by expanding our ideas about what makes a “good” drawing, and learn how to draw from an intuitive place. Without trying to make our finished product look good or look a certain way, we’ll let go of all expectations and immerse ourselves in the process of drawing. Many of us have ideas about our talent or skill with art that can sometimes be limiting beliefs about what we’re capable of. We’ll learn how to break out of these limiting beliefs and step into a creative self with limitless possibilities.

Session 2: Sound or Storytelling

Storytelling is found in every culture and community and serves many functions for community building and development. Age, gender, culture, etc. is transcended, everyone loves a good story. When we experience co-creation in storytelling it reveals visions of the individual and community that may lay dormant. In this session we will co-create stories, improvisationally, while also exploring sound and its dramatic function in the storytelling process. Let’s open our imagination and strengthen our connections, having fun and revealing Self.

Session 3: Movement

In this session we will explore group and individual movement in Contemplative form. Contemplative movement has multiple speeds, ranging from the very slow to the very fast. We will also have the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of how, even across digital media, movement can help strengthen community and Self, while creating beautiful Moving Art. This session is for all levels of physical ability as we each move intuitively in our own way, in response, to living life.

Session 4: Sharing Your Intuitive Story

In this session we’ll draw from the resources we’ve gathered in the past sessions to tell the story of our lives, and envision our futures. Through visuals, storytelling, and/or movement, we’ll feel into a new understanding of who we are and what we are capable of.

I am a guide revealing to others what they already possess.  -Charisse Minerva


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Cost and Accessibility

The sliding scale for this 4-class Contemplative course is $40 – $150.

If your family earns $75,000 or more per year, then we request that you pay the full price. If your family earns less than $75,000/year, you may self-select an amount to pay. If you are in true economic hardship (e.g, recently lost job, health situation, etc.) we are offering the discounted rate of $40. If you cannot afford the discounted fee please email and we’ll make it work for you. No teen will be turned away for lack of funds.