Rediscovering our Wildness: Mindfulness and Nature

Rediscovering our Wildness

Thursdays 4-5:30pm EDT/1-2:30pm PDT
July 2, 9, 16, 23 • Online via Zoom
All Ages

Contemplative Climate Leadership for Youth Course

Mindfulness and Nature

A Contemplative 4-week Course for All Ages

This course is an invitation to deepen our relationship with the natural world and to lean into nature as a means of support and remembering our belonging. Through meditation and activities, we will explore what it means to be human, in a body, as part of the earth and how we can reconnect with our own wildness and embrace our place in the cycles of nature.

Session 1: Where We Begin

We’ll begin our exploration together by uncovering the stories of nature from childhood, family, and culture that contribute to a sense of separateness between us (as individuals and humans) and the rest of the natural world.

Session 2: Seeing our Belonging

This session will invite us to understand our reciprocal relationship with nature and how we inherently belong to the earth. We’ll explore the cyclical processes of living and dying and what we can know about ourselves by being willing to be with the unknown.

Session 3: Compassion and Nature

In this session we’ll explore any difficult emotions we might have and how we can draw from the Earth as a support during difficulty. Through a collective ceremony we’ll process what comes up, learning how to access the compassion of the Earth as a group.

Session 4: Expressing Our Wildness

There is a wildness inside us that is a constant reminder that we are not so separate from nature. In this session we’ll explore the wildness within us, and learn to re-engage with it in a full self-expression of our true nature.

Create connections with yourself and others that can make a critical difference in how we navigate this time of planetary change.


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Cost and Accessibility

The sliding scale for this 4-week Contemplative course is $40 – $150.

If your family earns $75,000 or more per year, then we request that you pay the full price. If your family earns less than $75,000/year, you may self-select an amount to pay. If you are in true economic hardship (e.g, recently lost job, health situation, etc.) we are offering the discounted rate of $40. If you cannot afford the discounted fee please email and we’ll make it work for you. No teen will be turned away for lack of funds.