Tuition and Scholarship Information

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Tuition Fees and Scholarships

Our current tuition structure is what we have determined, for the time being, to be as progressive and equitable as possible while being as grounded in our current economic framework as necessary for financial sustainability. The policy and payment structure is set at a contribution of 1% of family income per teen per retreat, up to the full $2,500 cost of the retreat. Your ability to pay the 1% tuition allows us to continue to offer this unique payment scale.

We have compiled a more thorough description of how we arrived at our current tuition structure, and our plan to move towards an ever more equitable tuition policy. Read Our Vision for a Gift Economy.

Fee Structure

Tuition is self reported (we do not ask for your tax returns) on the financial portion of the application and equals is 1% of family income. For example, if your family income is $25,000/year, your tuition is $250 for retreat. If your family income is $190,000/year, your tuition is $1,900.  If your family income is $250,000+/year, your tuition is $2,500 which is the actual cost to iBme for each teen on retreat. For all those under family income of $250,000, the remaining tuition amount will be covered by scholarship funds. There is a finite amount of scholarship funding for each retreat.

Application Fee

A $35 nonrefundable application fee is required and applied toward your tuition.


A deposit of $35 is required to reserve a space on a retreat, and will hold your spot for 30 days. This fee of $35 nonrefundable. Multiple payments towards tuition, or payment upfront, are both acceptable.


The balance of the retreat tuition must be paid two weeks before the retreat in order to ensure your spot on the retreat.