iBme + UCLA MARC Online Retreat

iBme & UCLA Online Retreat

5pm PST March 26th – 12pm PST March 29th
Online via Zoom

This retreat is held in partnership with the UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center (MARC)

iBme Online Retreat

Strengthen Calm, Community and Resilience

During this online retreat we will practice together in iBme’s usual relational style with periods of silent guided mindfulness meditation and yoga, as well as small group discussion, workshops and interactive wisdom talks. You’ll learn skills for sustaining a practice and navigating your life from a place of calm, compassion and resilience.

What is an online retreat?

During this retreat, we will be fully immersing ourselves in a contemplative space for three days and ask that you commit to this as fully as possible. This online retreat will include periods of (a) guided mindfulness meditation, (b) instructions on integrating mindfulness into daily life, (c) small group periods for discussion and social connection, and (d) workshops on various topics such as mindful eating; restorative yoga; mindful communication; how to use digital technology wisely (with a focus on the pressures of the current moment); and others.

We encourage you to create a designated practice space for yourself that will be uninterrupted during retreat time with as much silence as possible. You should let your family and friends know what you are doing, but this retreat will not require complete isolation from them as on normal silent retreats. We encourage as much separation as possible from the use of technology other than for the purposes of the retreat, but we will devote a small amount of time each day, as a group, to practice mindfully checking the news and our personal messages (for those who wish to do so).

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Teachers and staff for this retreat include MARC’s Associate Director Marvin G. Belzer, Ph.D.; Jessica Morey, Executive Director of iBme; as well as Cara Lai, Sara Shapouri, Enrique Collazo, and others with extensive experience teaching with this retreat model in residential settings. We are excited to provide these new offerings, during a time when mindfulness practice can be particularly supportive and when many of us can benefit from opportunities to connect deeply with others in a compassionate and mindful space.

Learn the fundamentals


Using a variety of formats and teaching frameworks, we impart lessons in self-awareness, compassion, and offer techniques to calm the mind, build emotional resilience and savor joy.

Relational Mindfulness + Practice Support

Spend time each day with a small group, connecting, learning compassionate communication and deepening authentic relationships and getting personal support for your meditation practice. Small groups will be based on aged (eg. teens, young adults, adults) and facilitated by experienced staff.

Inner Stillness

Being on retreat offers a rare opportunity to experience a life without constant distractions. Together we will create a technology-limited environment that flows back and forth between silent and interactive times.

Cost and Accessibility

We are asking for a registration payment for this retreat for two reasons, the first is to create a solid container of commitment and community from participants. In this way we can have regular small groups, structured workshops and a sense of practice community in our virtual meditation hall. The second is so that we can financially support our teachers and mentors who are committing a large amount of time and energy to hold the container of the retreat. All participants will be receiving ongoing, personal support and practice advice in small groups from highly experienced meditation teachers and mentors, just like we provide on our in-person retreats.

We are so excited by the response we have received to this retreat and we remain deeply committed to equity and accessibility and with this in mind have multiple payment tiers. At this time we are unable to give any more full scholarships, as we have maximized the number of folks we can who are paying $0 -$100. To register as a UCLA Student or Staff through the Healthy Campus Initiative, DO NOT REGISTER HERE, instead contact Marvin G. Belzer,

From Past Participants

“Thank you for what you do. This experience made what was a uniquely challenging week much more manageable. The opportunities to connect with others in meditation, movement, conversation, emotion, social connection, mindful practice, dance, thought were precious. What an amazing gift.”

“Thank you for putting this into the world. From the individuals that I connected with, for some it is truly a life-saving entity right now.”

“Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. What you are doing could not be more important and the skill of the teacher that you offer is fantastic.”