Online New Year’s Teen & Young Adult Retreat (East – Parents)

New Year’s Online Teen & Young Adult Retreat (East)

Dec. 30th, 2020 @ 2pm EST – Jan. 1st, 2021 @ 5pm EST
Online via Zoom • Ages 15-32

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ONLINE Dec 30th – Jan 1st

Your family has been piled on top of each-other for months.

. . . and your teens are struggling.

They miss their friends. They’re anxious. They’re scrolling through TikTok all day.

Online school has been tough, and you’re feeling overwhelmed.

You want to help, but you don’t know what to do.

Give your teen tools to thrive this holiday season.

New Year’s Teens + Young Adult Online Retreat (East)

A four-day immersion into mindfulness, community + self-love for teens + young adults. Held on Zoom.

iBme opened my eyes to see how beautiful I really am and to see how much potential each one of us has.

Levi P., iBme teen

Teen expressing during group

Why go on retreat?

Benefits for teens . . .

  • Gain tools to cope with anxiety, stress + social pressure.
  • Feel comfortable in their own skin.
  • Learn to navigate difficult emotions with compassion + self-awareness.
  • Connect more deeply to themselves + others.
  • Be part of a loving, welcoming community.
  • Connect with great adult role models who they can turn to when things are difficult.
  • Have FUN in a safe, online space.

Benefits for parents of teens . . .

  • Worry less, knowing that your teen has tools to handle ups and downs.
  • Feel more connected to your son or daughter.
  • Gain confidence in your kid’s ability to thrive.
  • Watch your teen bond with kind, supportive peers.
  • Create space to relax and give your teen a social outlet during the holidays.

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What’s a typical day like?

Each day runs from around 9:30am to 10pm.

The day flows between guided meditation practices, workshops, mindful movement + yoga, small group conversations, wisdom talks + free time.

We’ll explore topics like:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga + movement practices
  • Mindful walking
  • How to navigate difficult emotions
  • Mindful communication
  • Mindful eating
  • Use of technology + social media
  • Practices for kindness, compassion + self-awareness
  • Apply mindfulness to daily life

Parts of the day are silent; other parts of the day are interactive.

The retreat is held online via zoom with portions both on and off screen.

Your teen will have the chance to turn the video camera off and just listen with headphones for parts of the retreat. Other times, we’ll have the video on so we can see + connect with each-other.

I made a lot of close bonds with people, even though I met them online, and I’ve yet to meet them in person.

Online retreat participant

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Participant meditating on rock in wilderness

We teach secular / non-religious mindfulness

We’re not trying to convert your kid! Our teachings are free of dogma and religious undertones.

We teach self-awareness + compassion-based tools that empower teens – so they can choose how they show up in the world.

This retreat was exactly what my 17-year-old son needed. A supportive staff, diverse group of kids, beautiful setting, meditation, yoga, talks, mindfulness, new friends, and new thinking. Learning to relax and observe your emotions from amazing staff and leaders! Life changing in the most positive way.

Kimberly, iBme parent

50% return rate. Your teen’s gonna love it.

Teens love our retreats so much that around half of them come back + join us again.

It’s so much easier for me to be happy. I can’t say like meditation is what “makes me happy” all of a sudden. But it makes feeling inclined to happiness + accepting happiness so much easier than it was before.

Taeya, iBme teen

Is iBme right for my teen?

This iBme retreat is for your teen if they…

  • Are open-minded + willing to try something new
  • Wanna connect with kind, welcoming people
  • Want more tools in their toolbox to handle stress, anxiety + difficult emotions
t’s NOT for your teen if…

  • They don’t want to come. Please do NOT force them!
  • They’re struggling with serious mental health issues
  • This is a replacement for therapy (Hint: it’s not!)

I’ve learned more lessons about myself and others in the past five days than I did in the last year of school.

Ben, age 17, iBme teen

Retrat participants hugging

How can my family prepare?

Help create a designated practice space for your teen that will be uninterrupted during retreat time and have as much silence as possible.

This retreat won’t require complete isolation – but understand that your teen may be silent or unavailable during many times in the day!

Think ahead + support your teen in minimizing the use of technology while on retreat.

This live retreat is scheduled toward those in the EST time zone, yet it is open to participants in all time zones.

What about the online, “at home” format?

We get it – zoom fatigue is real.

Our online retreats are set up to mix it up, minimize screen time + maximize interaction. There’s a natural flow both on and off camera. We also include downtime for rest, meals + moving around between activities.

Frankly, I walked away totally surprised. Surprised at the depth of the practice in an on-line format.

iBme teen

I am finding that doing this style of retreat, in my own home, is extremely rich and informative, in a way I never imagined. As much as I love residential retreats – it’s profound to have the opposite. To sit in the middle of the life I have and am creating.

Marv, college student

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Meet the Retreat Staff

Our team of faculty + mentors are a community of trained professionals, dedicated to empowering teens and young adults in a supportive environment.

iBme teachers and mentors are professionals in the areas of mindfulness, health, and education and bring years of personal mindfulness practice to their roles, modeling authenticity, compassion, and respect. Find out more about the teachers and mentors on this retreat below.

Retreat Staff

The counselors were wonderful and I couldn’t be more pleased with their positive impact on my daughter. Their ability to connect with teens, to actively listen, wisely impart knowledge, infuse joy, compassionately hold their confusion — it is all a blessing of the greatest proportion. Thank you.

iBme parent

My son (14) and my nephew (17) came back from their first meditation retreat changed young men. I am so impressed with the depth, accessibility, and integrity of the retreat program, as well as by the skill and compassion of the facilitators. Our family enthusiastically endorses the iBme programming. We’ll be back.

Leslie, iBme parent


Tuition & Payment Information

Tuition is .5% of annual family income, up to $495.

Family Income Suggested Tuition
$10,000 $50
$40,000 $200
$100,000+ $495

We offer this sliding scale approach to retreat tuition in order to accommodate a wide range of family incomes. The maximum fee reflects what it actually costs per student to run the retreat.

  • iBme retreats feature a low ratio of adult staff per teen, providing high-quality care, expertise, instruction, and mentoring (this is our secret sauce!)

Please note: A nonrefundable application fee of $35 is required and applied toward your tuition.

Tuition & Payment Information

Scholarships are available for this retreat.
Donations: We rely on tuition fees, supplemented by donations, to cover the costs of our retreats and make it possible for all teens who want to to attend. If you can, we invite you to consider making a donation when and if it feels right. Find out about our annual Commit to Sit fundraiser in the spring and end-of-year Mindfulness Challenge: iBme Fundraising page.

Deposit & Balance

A deposit of 30% of your total payment is required to reserve a space on a retreat. The deposit includes your $35 nonrefundable application fee. The balance of the retreat tuition must be paid two weeks before the retreat start date in order to hold your spot on the retreat.


iBme welcomes and celebrates human diversity in all forms regardless of race, color, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, ability, personal appearance, or religious/spiritual affiliation.


iBme is committed to accessibility. This retreat welcomes teens from all racial/ethnic groups, sex and gender identities, abilities, and religions. Mindfulness creates a foundation for conversations that support understanding and deepen our connection to one another. We have developed our tuition structure to accommodate a wide range of family income.

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What other parents are saying. . .

After going on retreat, my son’s anxiety disorder pretty much vanished

“My oldest son attended your retreat two years ago. Two years prior to that retreat he started to develop an anxiety disorder. It was definitely hampering his lifestyle. Because of this I set him up with a very good anxiety therapist. This therapy helped to a degree but the anxiety still persisted, maybe not as bad. After attending the iBme retreat two years ago his anxiety disorder has pretty much “vanished.” Through today, two years later, he considers himself anxiety disorder free. He tells me he doesn’t even think about it anymore. You guys do a wonderful job we can’t thank you enough.”

Anthony B

They can’t stop talking about what a great time they had!

“Jared and Camden can’t stop talking about what a great time they had, and all of the ways in which they benefited from this experience. They absolutely want to attend again next year! This was a new concept for them, and I was worried they would hate it, but I couldn’t have been more wrong! I’m so glad we found this retreat and that they were able to participate.”


Taught her tools to deal with emotional turmoil.

“Thank you for providing a safe place for her and for teaching her tools to deal with much emotional turmoil. Things are so challenging for teens — what a really lovely service you provide. I wish everyone could experience it.”

Cheryl, aunt

Connor came home so vulnerable and connected

“I just want you to know the deep appreciation I have for what you and your team do in this world. The space that you provided for Connor and the teens you serve is so very precious. I am brought to tears each time I think of you. Connor came home so vulnerable and connected. There are no words I can come up with that would describe how truly remarkable it is to have my son have had such an experience.”


What teens are saying. . .

Super helpful to me right now

“he online retreats have been super helpful to me right now. Something about still being at home during the retreat makes it easier to integrate after retreat. … The dance party was very very lit. I was surprised because I didn’t think it would work too well digitally.”

Fiora, teen

iBme helped me find self-love and opened my eyes to see how beautiful I really am.

“iBme changed my life for the better. I can honestly say it helped cure my depression helped me find self love. And it gave me the tools to be an authentic person who can see other people for who they are. Describe my experience with me in three words. Beautiful, authentic connections. I’d be me really helped open my eyes to how beautiful I really am and to how much potential each one of us has. Gave me the beautiful opportunity of looking inside. Now I have that skill for the rest of my life.”

Levi P.

Allowed me to love + forgive my dad

“Opened my heart up like crazy. It allowed me to heal a bunch of trauma and feel love for my dad – to feel gratitude and understanding for him and to forgive him for the ways that he’s hurt me. And that’s fucking amazing.”

Isaac S.

I’m more calm + self-aware

“I left the retreat and my parents were like, ‘Wow, you’re really mature! You seem more calm, you can really articulate your thinking and you’re really self -aware. And I was like, ‘yeah – you know what? I am!’ I may not know how to live the perfect life – but I have the skills to live a good life because of the things that I’ve learned at iBme.”



When and how was iBme started

What are the qualifications of iBme retreat teachers/mentors?

Can iBme accommodate participants with food allergies or special dietary needs?

Can I be a volunteer on a retreat that my child is attending?

Is iBme a religious organization?

How do participants get to the retreat center from the airport, their hometown/city, etc.?

What can participants expect to do each day?

How much meditation, yoga, etc. can participants expect?

How large are the retreats and what is the teen to staff ratio?

How do you handle medications for teens?

Are cell phones allowed?

What is the age range for iBme teen & young adult retreats?

Is financial aid available? How do scholarships work?

What does the application process entail?

What kind of diversity will my teen encounter during their retreat experience?

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