Online Retreat East

Teen and Young Adult Online Retreat (East & West)

July 16-20, 2021
Online via Zoom • Ages 15-25
Open to All Timezones

Retreat participants hugging

Summer 2021

Summer is coming up, and you miss your friends. A LOT.

You’ve been stuck in your house for months, binge-watching videos on TikTok and listening to your little brothers scream at each-other.

All you wanna do is get out of the house, have fun + get some space.

Good news – there’s an alternative!

Want a cool experience?

Teen/YA Online Retreat

An online immersion into mindfulness, community + being yourself.

Small groups. Meditation. Workshops. Online dance party!

Why come on retreat?

Be accepted for who you are

Gain tools to handle stress, anxiety + difficult emotions

Feel comfortable in your own skin

Learn to meditate + apply mindfulness to daily life

Get one-on-one support from mentors + meditation teachers

Have fun + DANCE at our online party

Teen expressing during group

Wanna join us?

iBme is a really cool experience. And I remember thinking before that, oh was my mom sending me here and I thought it was gonna hate it. But really afterwards, I got the chance to meet a lot of really cool people. It opened my mind to a lot of different things. And I just saw the world from a different perspective.

iBme teen

Participant meditating on rock in wilderness

Learn tools to . . .

  • Calm yourself down
  • Be happy without always having reach out to other people
  • Relax yourself when you’re in high stress situations
  • Focus on you instead of worrying about what other people think
  • Unpack and unravel what you’re feeling
  • Compassionately guide yourself through transitions in your life
  • Love yourself
  • Understand how your mind works
  • See the world from a different perspective

iBme helped me grow to be the kind of person who I am, which is a person who’s calm and centered and has the skills to just breathe in moments where it feels like I’m not able to breathe and life is going by so fast.


You always have a friend at iBme

Be part of a safe, caring community where . . .

  • There’s no performance – you just get to be you.
  • People love being themselves
  • It’s ok to be uncomfortable
  • You can explore + express yourself in a community where you feel accepted
  • You realize you’re not alone

It showed me that even if you weren’t raised in a place where you were accepted, you could always find a community even in complete strangers.

iBme teen

What’s a typical day like?

Each day runs from around 9:30am to 10pm.

The day flows between guided meditation practices, workshops, mindful movement + yoga, small group conversations, wisdom talks + free time.

  • Meditation
  • Yoga + movement practices
  • Mindful walking
  • How to navigate difficult emotions
  • Mindful communication
  • Mindful eating
  • How to use technology + social media wisely
  • Practices for kindness, compassion + self-awareness
  • Apply mindfulness to daily life

Parts of the day are silent; other parts of the day are interactive.

The retreat is held online via zoom with portions both on and off screen.

You’ll have the chance to turn your video camera off and just listen with headphones for parts of the retreat. Other times, you’ll have the video on so you can see + connect with your peers.

And . . . our online dance party is LIT! Get the chance to dance and be weird without worrying what other people think.

I made a lot of close bonds with people, even though I met them online, and I’ve yet to meet them in person.

Online retreat participant

50% return rate. You’re gonna love it.

People love our retreats so much that around half of them come back.

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All of you is welcome here

I used to struggle a lot with who I was and trying to fit in. iBme helped me become a lot more accepting not only of myself, but of others.



Is this some weird hippy stuff?

Nope! No flower crowns, no dogma, no weird cult-ish stuff. We’re not trying to convert you.

We teach tools for compassion + self-awareness so you can be free, love yourself + choose how you show up in the world.

Is iBme for me?

This retreat is for you if you…

  • Are open-minded + willing to try something new
  • Wanna connect deeply with other kind, welcoming people
  • Wanna be a better person
  • Are interested in mindfulness, meditation + knowing yourself more deeply
  • Wanna gain tools to live a good life + love yourself

This retreat is NOT for you if you…

  • Your parents are forcing you to come – but you don’t wanna be here
  • You’re struggling with serious mental health issues
  • You’re doing this instead of going to therapy (it’s not a replacement!).

How can I prepare?

Create a quiet, designated practice space for yourself where you can be uninterrupted during the retreat.

Turn off distractions, close other tabs on your computer + do your best to just focus on the retreat experience while you’re with us.

Let your family and friends know that you’ll be on retreat + won’t be available! This retreat doesn’t require complete isolation, but we encourage you to separate yourself as much as possible from technology + other distractions.

Retreat Staff

Assistant teacher(s)

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Soroosh Vafapoor

Tuition & Payment Information

Tuition is .5% of annual family income, up to $750.

Family Income Suggested Tuition
$10,000 $50
$40,000 $200
$100,000 $500
$150,000+ $750

We offer this sliding scale approach to retreat tuition in order to accommodate a wide range of family incomes. The maximum fee reflects what it actually costs per student to run the retreat.

  • iBme retreats feature a low ratio of adult staff per teen, providing high-quality care, expertise, instruction, and mentoring (this is our secret sauce!)

Please note: A nonrefundable application fee of $35 is required and applied toward your tuition.

Tuition & Payment Information

Scholarships are available for this retreat.
Donations: We rely on tuition fees, supplemented by donations, to cover the costs of our retreats and make it possible for all teens who want to to attend. If you can, we invite you to consider making a donation when and if it feels right. Find out about our annual Commit to Sit fundraiser in the spring and end-of-year Mindfulness Challenge: iBme Fundraising page.

Deposit & Balance

A deposit of 30% of your total payment is required to reserve a space on a retreat. The deposit includes your $35 nonrefundable application fee. The balance of the retreat tuition must be paid two weeks before the retreat start date in order to hold your spot on the retreat.


iBme welcomes and celebrates human diversity in all forms regardless of race, color, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, ability, personal appearance, or religious/spiritual affiliation.


iBme is committed to accessibility. This retreat welcomes teens from all racial/ethnic groups, sex and gender identities, abilities, and religions. Mindfulness creates a foundation for conversations that support understanding and deepen our connection to one another. We have developed our tuition structure to accommodate a wide range of family income.

Wanna join us?

What other teens are saying. . .

iBme is a really cool experience. And I remember thinking before that, oh was my mom sending me here and I thought it was gonna hate it. But really afterwards, I got the chance to meet a lot of really cool people. It opened my mind to a lot of different things. And I just saw the world from a different perspective.

iBme teen

iBme brought me out of this hellhole that I was in – allowed me to realize that I DO have control + I DO have the ability to make decisions. Opened my heart up like crazy.

Isaac S.

There’s so much weight off my chest. It just makes a lot of things feel lighter.

iBme teen

iBme helped cure my depression, helped me find self love, and it gave me the tools to be an authentic person who can see other people for who they are. It opened my eyes to see how beautiful I really am and to how much potential each one of us has.

Levi P.

I was like, wow – I’m more aware of who I am, and how to be me.

iBme teen

It’s so much easier for me to be happy. I used to have all these emotions that were right here, really tight, all the time. Mindfulness practice slowly unraveled how tightly I held them. There’s so much less tension and pain around them.


I’ve never been in a space where people are so actively, authentically, unapologetically, whoever they are. People feel so original and vibrant and distinct on retreat, because I feel that everyone’s really being who they are in that moment.

iBme teen

I was able to calm myself down in a deeper way than I had been able to in a really long time.

Cam Y.


What happens on retreat? What's the schedule?

How much meditation and yoga will I be doing?

Are cell phones allowed?

How many people will I be sharing a room with?

Is the whole retreat silent?

I am a competitive athlete/training for a race/etc. Will I have time to train for my sport?

Can I come on retreat with a friend, sibling, or family member?

My mind is always racing. I think I have too many thoughts to meditate. Is this for me?

Can iBme retreats accommodate individuals with physical differences such as limited mobility, vision impairment, etc.?

Why do people come on retreat? Are iBme retreats fun?

What kind of person comes on retreat?

What is the age range for this retreat?

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