Virginia New Year’s Teen Retreat

Four scenes from Virginia retreat

Virginia New Year’s Teen Retreat

December 28th, 2019 – January 1st, 2020
Seven Oaks Retreat Center in Madison, Virginia
For 15 to 19 years olds



Do Something Different

Take part in your life in a new way. Turn the page, try out new things, meet great people, be you and be accepted. Oh, and have some fun! You’ll go home with practical meditation and relationship tools that can help with school, friends, family, and life — AND a whole lot of love and vision for the year ahead. #turnthepage #newyearsyes #whynot #2020myway #lessstressmorehappiness

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iBme Teen Retreats

iBme New Year's Retreat Flyer
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A one-of-a-kind experience for any teen, an iBme retreat helps teens reduce stress and cope with normal school, life, and social demands in a self-empowering way. An iBme retreat reconnects teens with their own natural confidence and ease — their inner spark. Through curiosity, they develop their powers of perception and capacity to understand their emotions and thoughts, skills that are valuable for them now and for a long time to come.The basic ingredients of an iBme teen retreat? Mindfulness, community, nature, and fun.

What do teens do on retreat?

  • Learn simple mindfulness tools to use anywhere, any time for ease and presence
  • Learn meditation through guided and silent, sitting and walking practices
  • Be guided by expert teachers who walk their talk and care about teens
  • Develop genuine relationships and cultivate communication skills
  • Participate in small-group connections and check-ins
  • Take a variety of workshops: eg, music, art, teen issues (each retreat is unique)
  • Oh, and have some fun (yeah, we do that too).

iBme Faculty and Staff

Our retreats are led by awesome adults with years of experience serving and working with teens, alongside their own longstanding mindfulness practices. iBme faculty and staff walk their talk in their professional and personal lives and devote themselves to creating a truly unique and safe container for all teens to be welcomed, be real, and be accepted — and have some fun (yeah, we do that too).

About the Virginia New Year’s Teen Retreat

Seven Oaks Retreat CenterSeven Oaks Retreat Center is in Madison, Virginia, north of Charlottesville, in Shenandoah National Park. Designed to support mindfulness and healing, it offers a chill atmosphere and beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains — plus 120 acres of woods and open fields. We’ll bundle up when we’re outside, and stay warm in the spacious indoor program rooms and light-filled Dining Room.

Seven Oaks serves great food, with meals three times a day and an abundance of options and deliciousness, including an all-you-can-eat salad bar & bottomless beverages. Our guest rooms are in sweet buildings throughout the retreat, all with easy access to our program spaces and the Dining Room. Accommodations are in double and triple rooms.

Who is this retreat for?

Any teen with an open mind and heart who is willing to try something new and do their best to be themselves and accept everyone else in being themselves. We provide everything you need to make that happen.

You leave the incredible iBme Teen Retreat Experience with mindfulness practices and communication skills that you can practice whenever you want to, to restore inner balance and harmony, create focus and follow-through, or just because it feels good to develop your inner life (you won’t believe how good it feels!).


iBme is committed to accessibility. This retreat welcomes teens from all racial/ethnic groups, sex and gender identities, abilities, and religions. Mindfulness creates a foundation for conversations that support understanding and deepen our connection to one another. We have developed our tuition structure to accommodate a wide range of family income.

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Tuition & Payment Information

Tuition is 1% of annual family income, up to $1750.

For example:

Family IncomeRetreat Cost

We offer this sliding scale approach to retreat tuition in order to accommodate a wide range of family incomes. The maximum fee reflects what it actually costs per student to run the retreat.

  • Tuition includes all retreat costs, including accommodations and meals at the retreat center, and all sessions and activities and supplemental materials.
  • iBme retreats feature a low ratio of adult staff per teen, providing high-quality care, expertise, instruction, and mentoring (this is our secret sauce!)
  • Tuition does not include travel to and from the retreat location or any incidental/personal purchases.

Please note: A nonrefundable application fee of $35 is required and applied toward your tuition.

Deposit & Balance

A deposit of 30% of your total payment is required to reserve a space on a retreat. The deposit includes your $35 nonrefundable application fee. The balance of the retreat tuition must be paid two weeks before the retreat start date in order to hold your spot on the retreat.

Scholarships and Donations

Scholarships are available for this retreat.

Donations: We rely on tuition fees, supplemented by donations, to cover the costs of our retreats and make it possible for all teens who want to to attend. If you can, we invite you to consider making a donation when and if it feels right. Find out about our annual Commit to Sit fundraiser in the spring and end-of-year Mindfulness Challenge: iBme Fundraising page.


iBme welcomes and celebrates human diversity in all forms regardless of race, color, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, ability, personal appearance, or religious/spiritual affiliation.


We are very happy to help parents and teens get the information you need to make the right decision for you and your family. Please call us at (978) 254-7082 OR email

“After a couple of days my whole outlook on life was changed. It was an awesome experience. I would encourage any teen to come here.”
– Josh, age 15

“Exactly what my 17-year-old son needed. A supportive staff, diverse group of kids, beautiful setting, meditation, yoga, talks, mindfulness, new friends, and new thinking. Learning to relax and observe your emotions from amazing staff and leaders! Life changing in the most positive way.”
– Kimberly, Parent