Retreat Audios

Nothing can replace being on retreat and practicing with our teachers in-person, but these recordings offer a sample of the instructions given.

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Exploring Anchors

Khalila Archer, January 10, 2018
How to find stillness, peace, and awareness through anchors in our body – from our senses to our breath, and more.

Self-Compassion (“We’re Not Our Faults”)

Enrique Collazo, April 18, 2017
A meditation on compassion and forgiveness and – an antidote for that negative voice inside of you.

Relaxing into the Body

Jessica Morey, May 30, 2017
An easeful and relaxing meditation for connecting with your body in the present moment.

Arriving and Resting

Jose Shinzan Palma, June 6, 2017
Letting go of thoughts, tension, stress and putting your mind to rest.