Parent Testimonials

“Melissa and I want to thank you so much for giving both my sons, Graham and Ben, a fantastic camp experience. They were both so happy with the experience, sad to leave but grateful for the experience. Graham raves about the ‘realness’ of the experience and is maintaining his friendships with many of his fellow campers.”

— Hiten and Melissa

“I just want to send gratitude your way for loving our son this last week! He is on cloud 9 with his experience. He asked that we sign him up for the winter retreat and next summer — and every retreat possible. He had exactly the experience we hoped for … meeting other humans with hearts like his. We are ever so grateful for all you do.”

— Rachel and Tony

“My daughter attended a Inward Bound Teen Retreat in August. She is meditating regularly every evening at first for 5 minutes now she exclaims anything less than 15-20 minutes is not enough. We have been spending time together at least once a week listening to the past recordings of retreats and Wisdom Talks. We have always been close but now this has given us another thing to do together to stay connected and deepen our relationship with meaningful heartfelt discussions. Thank you Inward Bound for being such a great resource for youth and families!!”

— Elaine

“Exactly what my 17-year-old son needed. A supportive staff, diverse group of kids, beautiful setting, meditation, yoga, talks, mindfulness, new friends, and new thinking. Learning to relax and observe your emotions from amazing staff and leaders! Life changing in the most positive way.”

— Kimberly

“My son (14) and my nephew (17) came back from their first meditation retreat changed young men. I am so impressed with the depth, accessibility, and integrity of the retreat program, as well as by the skill and compassion of the facilitators. Our family enthusiastically endorses the Inward Bound programming. We’ll be back.”

— Leslie

“My daughter came back from the retreat sort of transformed, in subtle ways. She seems more mature somehow, and she has a new clarity about what she wants from her life. The sort of jaded and depressed attitude that she was beginning to exhibit has been replaced with a more proactive attitude and a desire to connect to things. I am so thankful for this retreat, it’s just been a godsend.”

— Karin

“My son seems to have discovered his inner spiritual dimension along with a vocabulary for communicating it. He felt accepted and welcome, which is not a feeling he feels too often.”

— Rebecca

“The counselors were wonderful and I couldn’t be more pleased with their positive impact on my daughter. Their ability to connect with teens, to actively listen, wisely impart knowledge, infuse joy, compassionately hold their confusion — it is all a blessing of the greatest proportion. Thank you.”

— Parent

“I just want you to know the deep appreciation I have for what you and your team do in this world. The space that you provided for Connor and the teens you serve is so very precious. I am brought to tears each time I think of you. Connor came home so vulnerable and connected. There are no words I can come up with that would describe how truly remarkable it is to have my son have had such an experience.”

— Parent

“The day after my son came home he asked to do yoga with me in our back garden, and we went for a bike ride together … connection I have been yearning for all summer.”

— Parent

“Thank you for providing a safe place for her and for teaching her tools to deal with much emotional turmoil. Things are so challenging for teens — what a really lovely service you provide. I wish everyone could experience it.”

— Cheryl, Aunt

“Jared and Camden can’t stop talking about what a great time they had, and all of the ways in which they benefited from this experience. They absolutely want to attend again next year! This was a new concept for them, and I was worried they would hate it, but I couldn’t have been more wrong! I’m so glad we found this retreat and that they were able to participate.”

— Jody

“Natalia had a transformative experience with you. I really was hoping that she would gain a few skills to help calm and quiet her mind but she really embraced and absorbed the teachings and it has permeated to all aspects of her life. She is much more self-accepting and her relationships with others in the family has improved dramatically. She has gained many insights and wants to continue to cultivate the practices that she has learned. Others have noticed how peaceful she is.”

— Parent

“Many, many thanks. We are so very moved by what we are hearing from Anya, and by the shift in her presence. We so hoped it would be a great first experience of retreat, but could not have predicted how wonderful it would be.”

— Parents

“Their time this past week was profoundly life-changing and has given them both tools they can use for the rest of their lives. Thank you and the rest of the Inward Bound staff for your time and interest in their spiritual well-being.”

— Parent

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