Teen Testimonials

“Keep on doing it! This experience forever changed my life. It restored my faith in humanity and gave me a sense of peace with myself and others that I have never had before.” – Jessamine, age 18

“I have the tools to become happy. I learned that happiness is inside us all.” – Teen, 16

“Mindfulness practice is like creating a better version of yourself little by little. Improvement of self could be one sit away.” – Cohen

I am surprised by the person I was and the person that I became on such a short retreat. – Sean, age 18

I opened up and was happy with myself and I haven’t seen myself like that since I was a little kid. – Kevin, age 17

After a couple of days my whole outlook on life was changed. It was an awesome experience. I would encourage any teen to come here. – Josh, age 15

“It was the first time in my life that I felt accepted, a sense of belonging.” – Adam

“At this moment I feel I have learned more lessons about myself and others in the past five days than I did in the last year of school.” – Ben, age 17

“I am who I am, in no small way, thanks to these retreats. There is love here for anyone.” – Cameron, age 16

“I love life. I love myself. THANK YOU.” – Maria Theresa Hamper, age 18

“It amazed me how loving everyone was, no matter your background, skin color, sex, or anything else.” – Age 15

“This is the best thing that ever happened to me. Everyone should have this experience.” – Maddy, age 13

I feel much lighter and happier, like a weight was lifted from my shoulders – Keenan, age 15

“I learned so much about myself. I learned that people like me for me.” – Josie Motes, age 15

These experiences have completely changed my life back home. – Miles, age 20

I was surprised by the instant love. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot all I felt was love. – Samantha, age 17