Workshop: Discovering Joy

Workshop: Discovering Joy

Tues. May 30th, 7pm ET/4pm PT

How can our meditation practice support us in creating greater joy, resilience, happiness, and sense of connectivity in our daily lives?

The practice of “Awakening Joy” draws on the tools and insights from mindfulness, neuroscience, and the study of human happiness to explore this question.

This class will invite you into an experiential exploration of human happiness, resilience, and well-being through meditation, relational mindfulness, journaling, and guided imagery.

Some of the themes include:

  • Inclining the mind towards joy and overcoming our intrinsic negativity bias
  • Insights from neuroscience on how we can rewire ourselves for happiness
  • Intention and purpose
  • Heart practices as a path towards joy
  • Meditation as an appreciation practice and cultivation of gratitude
  • Joy and difficult emotions: exploring how to hold the full range of our human experience

May 30

7PM Eastern, 4PM Pacific


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