Mindfulness Retreats for Teens

For 15 to 19 years olds

Expert-led retreats for teens & young adults – learn how to better manage stress & anxiety, connect with yourself and others, and have fun!

A Unique and Valuable Experience for Teens

Our multi-day retreats are designed to teach teens & young adults mindfulness, awareness, and concentration practices that are proven to support emotional health and wellbeing.

Through guided mindfulness meditation, small group discussions, and mindful movement exercises, participants learn skills that will empower them for a lifetime:

  • How to settle a busy mind
  • Focusing and sustaining attention
  • Learning to be aware of our emotions and thoughts, and managing them skillfully
  • Practicing compassion for others and oneself
  • How to get along with others
  • Building positive relationships with friends and family
  • Developing important character traits such as resilience, empathy, and open-mindedness

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High Quality Experiences Led by Trained Experts

The daily schedule includes workshops, fun activities as well as free time to connect with new friends – offering a range of experiences from creative arts to movement, sports, nature, creative writing, and more!

Many hesitant teens walk away saying it was one of the best experiences of their lives.

Our retreat teachers and staff are senior experts in their fields, drawing on decades of experience. The participant-to-staff ratio on every retreat is 2 or 3 to 1, ensuring that your teen receives exceptional support and mentoring.

Our retreats offer an experience that most teens have never had the opportunity to try before, and the skills they gain go on to support them throughout the rest of their lives.

Our testimonials from parents and teens speak for themselves.

“After a couple of days my whole outlook on life was changed. It was an awesome experience. I would encourage any teen to come here.”
– Josh, age 15

“Exactly what my 17-year-old son needed. A supportive staff, diverse group of kids, beautiful setting, meditation, yoga, talks, mindfulness, new friends, and new thinking. Learning to relax and observe your emotions from amazing staff and leaders! Life changing in the most positive way.”
– Kimberly, Parent

“My daughter came back from the retreat sort of transformed, in subtle ways. She seems more mature somehow, and she has a new clarity about what she wants from her life. The sort of jaded and depressed attitude that she was beginning to exhibit has been replaced with a more proactive attitude and a desire to connect to things. I am so thankful for this retreat, it’s just been a godsend.”
– Karin, Parent

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June 22–26, 2020June Teen & Young Adult Retreat (West) OnlineLearn More Register
July 6–10, 2020July Teen & Young Adult Retreat (East) OnlineLearn More Register
July 17-19, 2020July All Ages Retreat (East)OnlineLearn More Register
July 27–31, 2020July Teen & Young Adult Retreat (West) OnlineLearn More Register
July 28–July 31, 2020Teens & Young Adults of Color RetreatOnlineLearn More Register
August 3–7, 2020August Teen & Young Adult Retreat (East) OnlineLearn More Register
August 14-16, 2020August All Ages Retreat (West)onlineLearn More Register